DateRHome vs Away-
12/05 14:45 10 PGE Skra Belchatów vs Slepsk Suwalki View
12/05 17:20 10 Resovia Rzeszow vs GKS Katowice View
12/05 20:00 10 Jastrzebski Wegiel vs Trefl Gdansk View
12/06 14:45 10 Kedzierzyn Kozle vs LUK Lublin View
12/06 17:20 10 Warta Zawiercie vs Projekt Warszawa View
12/06 20:00 10 AZS Olsztyn vs Barkom Lviv View
12/07 14:45 10 Norwid Czestochowa vs Czarni Radom View
12/09 13:45 11 Slepsk Suwalki vs Warta Zawiercie View
12/09 16:30 11 GKS Katowice vs PGE Skra Belchatów View
12/09 19:30 11 Cuprum Lubin vs AZS Olsztyn View
12/10 13:45 11 Trefl Gdansk vs Kedzierzyn Kozle View
12/10 16:30 11 Projekt Warszawa vs Jastrzebski Wegiel View


Date R Home vs Away -
12/03 16:30 24 [8] Kedzierzyn Kozle vs Cuprum Lubin [12] 3-0
12/03 13:45 24 [5] Warta Zawiercie vs Trefl Gdansk [4] 3-1
12/02 19:30 9 [7] LUK Lublin vs Jastrzebski Wegiel [1] 0-3
12/02 16:30 9 [2] Projekt Warszawa vs Slepsk Suwalki [10] 3-0
12/02 13:45 9 [5] Resovia Rzeszow vs PGE Skra Belchatów [13] 3-0
12/01 19:30 9 [16] Czarni Radom vs AZS Olsztyn [9] 0-3
12/01 16:30 9 [15] GKS Katowice vs Hemarpol Norwid Czestochowa [14] 3-2
11/30 16:30 9 [11] Barkom Lviv vs Stal Nysa [8] 1-3
11/27 16:30 8 [10] AZS Olsztyn vs GKS Katowice [15] 3-0
11/26 19:30 8 [5] Warta Zawiercie vs LUK Lublin [6] 3-0
11/26 16:30 8 [14] Hemarpol Norwid Czestochowa vs Resovia Rzeszow [7] 1-3
11/26 13:45 8 [8] Stal Nysa vs Czarni Radom [16] 3-1

Wikipedia - PlusLiga

The PlusLiga is the highest level of men's volleyball in Poland, a professional league competition featuring volleyball clubs located in this country. It is overseen by Polska Liga Siatkówki SA (PLS SA). It is currently a 16 teams league from October to April/May. The regular season is followed by playoffs, with the winner earning the Polish Championship (Polish: Mistrzostwo Polski). It is one of the best volleyball leagues in Europe, being highly ranked in the international competitions.

The Poland Plus Liga is a highly anticipated volleyball tournament held annually in Poland. It is considered one of the most prestigious and competitive volleyball leagues in the world. The tournament features top professional teams from across Poland, showcasing the country's rich volleyball tradition and talent.

The Poland Plus Liga attracts both local and international volleyball enthusiasts, who gather to witness thrilling matches and experience the electrifying atmosphere in the stadiums. The tournament showcases the highest level of volleyball skills, with teams competing fiercely for the coveted championship title.

The tournament features a round-robin format, where teams compete against each other in a series of matches to secure their position in the standings. The top teams then advance to the playoffs, where they battle it out in intense knockout matches to determine the ultimate champion.

The Poland Plus Liga is known for its high-quality gameplay, characterized by powerful spikes, precise serves, and exceptional teamwork. The players exhibit exceptional athleticism, agility, and strategic thinking, making every match a spectacle to behold.

The tournament is not only a platform for showcasing volleyball excellence but also a celebration of Polish culture and sportsmanship. Fans from all over the country come together to support their favorite teams, creating a vibrant and passionate atmosphere in the stadiums. The tournament also attracts international attention, with fans and media from around the world following the thrilling matches.

The Poland Plus Liga is a must-attend event for volleyball enthusiasts, offering an unforgettable experience filled with thrilling matches, passionate fans, and a celebration of the sport. Whether you are a die-hard volleyball fan or simply looking for an exciting sporting event, the Poland Plus Liga promises to deliver an unforgettable experience that will leave you in awe of the talent and passion on display.