Challenger Braunschweig


Date R Home vs Away -
07/13 12:45 29 [64] Roberto Carballes Baena vs Botic Van De Zandschulp [97] 6-1,6-3
07/12 14:20 28 [97] Botic Van De Zandschulp vs Pedro Cachin [117] 6-2,6-7,6-3
07/12 12:30 28 [64] Roberto Carballes Baena vs Pierre-Hugues Herbert [138] 6-4,6-1
07/11 14:35 27 [103] Daniel Elahi Galan vs Pedro Cachin [117] 4-6,4-6
07/11 14:10 27 [64] Roberto Carballes Baena vs Cristian Garin [106] 4-6,6-3,7-5
07/11 09:00 27 [97] Botic Van De Zandschulp vs Henri Squire [178] 7-5,7-6
07/11 09:00 27 [138] Pierre-Hugues Herbert vs Duje Ajdukovic [136] 6-3,6-4
07/10 14:40 26 [117] Pedro Cachin vs Sumit Nagal [73] 6-4,7-5
07/10 12:45 26 [64] Roberto Carballes Baena vs Lukas Klein [128] 6-2,6-4
07/10 11:40 26 [103] Daniel Elahi Galan vs Juan Pablo Varillas [159] 7-6,6-4
07/10 10:20 26 [97] Botic Van De Zandschulp vs Benjamin Hassan [154] 6-1,6-2
07/10 10:00 26 [178] Henri Squire vs Max Hans Rehberg [453] 6-7,6-2,6-4
The Challenger Braunschweig is an exciting and highly competitive tennis tournament held annually in the beautiful city of Braunschweig, Germany. As part of the ATP Challenger Tour, this event attracts some of the most talented and promising tennis players from around the world.

The tournament takes place on the pristine clay courts of the Braunschweig Tennis and Hockey Club, providing a picturesque backdrop for the intense matches that unfold. With its rich tennis tradition and passionate fans, Braunschweig creates an electric atmosphere that adds to the thrill of the competition.

The Challenger Braunschweig offers a platform for rising stars to showcase their skills and gain valuable experience, as they battle it out for crucial ranking points and a share of the prize money. The tournament's significance is further enhanced by its position in the tennis calendar, often serving as a stepping stone for players aiming to break into the upper echelons of the professional circuit.

Spectators can expect to witness high-quality tennis matches filled with powerful serves, lightning-fast rallies, and strategic shot-making. The players' determination and hunger for victory are palpable, as they leave everything on the court in pursuit of glory.

Beyond the on-court action, the Challenger Braunschweig offers a range of amenities and activities for attendees to enjoy. From delicious food and refreshing beverages to engaging entertainment and interactive fan experiences, there is something for everyone to make their visit memorable.

Whether you are a die-hard tennis fan, a casual spectator, or simply looking for a thrilling sporting event to attend, the Challenger Braunschweig promises an unforgettable experience. Join us as we celebrate the spirit of competition and witness the future stars of tennis battle it out for supremacy in this prestigious tournament.