Australia Queensland Premier League

Australia Queensland Premier League



Date R Home vs Away -
06/11 10:30 6 [11] Capalaba Bulldogs vs Logan Lightning [6] 1-2
06/09 08:15 14 [5] Broadbeach United vs Southside Eagles [9] 1-1
06/09 06:45 14 [1] St George Willawong FC vs Mitchelton FC [12] 3-1
06/08 08:15 14 [11] Capalaba Bulldogs vs Ipswich FC [8] 0-5
06/08 08:00 14 [4] Caboolture FC vs Logan Lightning [6] 1-1
06/08 04:15 14 [7] SWQ Thunder vs Moreton City Excelsior B [10] 3-2
06/07 10:30 14 [3] Eastern Suburbs vs Brisbane Strikers [2] 2-1
06/02 07:00 13 [12] Mitchelton FC vs Caboolture FC [5] 2-3
06/02 06:45 13 [1] St George Willawong FC vs Moreton City Excelsior B [10] 2-0
06/02 06:35 13 Logan Lightning vs Broadbeach United PPT.
06/01 08:00 13 [10] Ipswich FC vs SWQ Thunder [7] 2-1
06/01 08:00 13 [3] Eastern Suburbs vs Southside Eagles [8] 3-2

The Football Queensland Premier League (known by its abbreviation FQPL) is a men's football competition contested by clubs in Queensland, Australia. It is administered by Football Queensland and is the second tier of football in Queensland, operated by a system of promotion and relegation. The league is contested by 11 clubs each season, the team that finishes at the top of the league is crowned premiers and they are promoted to the Queensland National Premier League, whilst the bottom three teams are relegated to the Football Queensland Premier League 2. The teams that finish in the top four qualify for a finals tournament, where the winners of the bracket are crowned FQPL champions.

The Football Queensland Premier League was founded in 2017, with the first season held in 2018. There was previously there was no second-tier statewide competition, instead there was only the Brisbane Premier League and subsequent Capital leagues which were the highest level of football competition in the state.

The current champions and premiers are Brisbane City, crowning the 2021 season and earning promotion to the 2022 season of the Queensland National Premier League.


In May 2017, Football Queensland confirmed the creation of the new competition and the teams to take part in the 2018 season. Peninsula Power were both premiers and champions of the inaugural Football Queensland Premier league, earning promotion into the 2019 NPL Queensland season along with runner-up team Capalaba.

In March 2020 and again in August 2021, Football Queensland announced that all its competitions would be temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Australia.

The Australia Queensland Premier League is a highly anticipated soccer tournament held annually in the state of Queensland, Australia. Known for its competitive nature and high level of play, the tournament brings together some of the best soccer teams from across the region to compete for the prestigious title.

The tournament showcases the immense talent and passion for soccer in Queensland, with teams representing various cities and regions within the state. The participating teams consist of both professional and semi-professional clubs, each with a rich history and dedicated fan base.

The Australia Queensland Premier League offers a thrilling and action-packed experience for both players and spectators alike. The matches are played at top-notch stadiums and feature intense rivalries, skillful gameplay, and strategic tactics. The tournament provides a platform for emerging talents to showcase their skills and potentially catch the attention of professional scouts.

The competition is fierce as teams battle it out in a round-robin format, with each team playing against one another to secure their spot in the knockout stages. The knockout stages are filled with nail-biting matches, where teams give their all to advance to the next round and ultimately reach the grand finale.

The tournament not only promotes the sport of soccer but also fosters a sense of community and unity among soccer enthusiasts in Queensland. It brings people from different backgrounds together, creating an electric atmosphere filled with excitement and camaraderie.

The Australia Queensland Premier League is a must-attend event for soccer fans, offering a unique opportunity to witness top-level soccer in the beautiful surroundings of Queensland. Whether you are a die-hard supporter or simply a lover of the game, this tournament promises to deliver thrilling matches, unforgettable moments, and a celebration of the sport that unites people from all walks of life.