The Iranian Basketball Super League (IBSL) is a professional men's basketball league in Iran. It was founded in 1998. The current champions is Shahrdari Gorgan. The league follows the promotion and relegation system in which the worst two teams are relegated to 1st Division.

The Iran Super League is a highly anticipated basketball tournament held annually in Iran. It showcases the best basketball talent in the country and attracts a large number of passionate fans from all over Iran.

The tournament features top professional basketball teams from various cities in Iran, competing against each other in a thrilling display of skill, athleticism, and teamwork. The teams consist of both Iranian and international players, adding an exciting element of diversity to the competition.

The Iran Super League is known for its high level of competitiveness and intense matches. The teams battle it out on the court, showcasing their exceptional basketball abilities and strategic gameplay. The tournament provides a platform for players to showcase their talents and potentially catch the attention of national and international scouts.

The atmosphere during the Iran Super League is electric, with fans filling the stadiums and cheering passionately for their favorite teams. The tournament not only brings together basketball enthusiasts but also serves as a unifying force for the entire nation, fostering a sense of national pride and unity.

The Iran Super League is not only a basketball tournament but also a celebration of the sport and its impact on the Iranian community. It serves as a platform for promoting basketball at the grassroots level, inspiring young athletes to pursue their dreams and develop their skills.

Overall, the Iran Super League is a must-see event for basketball fans in Iran and beyond. It offers an unforgettable experience, showcasing the best of Iranian basketball talent and providing thrilling moments of competition and sportsmanship.