Date R Home vs Away -
05/19 00:30 1 [5] North Texas SC vs Portland Timbers II [7] 2-1
05/19 00:00 1 [15] Huntsville City vs Atlanta United II [24] 2-3
05/18 01:00 1 [10] Austin FC II vs Sporting Kansas City II [3] 7-6
05/18 00:15 1 New York City FC II vs Toronto FC II PPT.
05/15 23:30 1 [19] Crown Legacy vs Chattanooga FC [1] 4-1
05/15 16:00 1 [8] Columbus Crew II vs Orlando City SC II [13] 4-3
05/13 18:30 1 [11] Chicago Fire II vs New York City FC II [21] 2-4
05/13 00:00 1 [8] San Jose Earthquakes II vs North Texas SC [4] 1-0
05/12 23:00 1 [9] St. Louis City SC II vs Austin FC II [22] 2-1
05/12 20:00 1 [1] Los Angeles FC II vs Vancouver Whitecaps II [11] 3-4
05/12 19:00 1 [14] Minnesota United FC II vs Ventura County FC [2] 1-0
05/12 19:00 1 [6] Sporting Kansas City II vs Colorado Rapids II [13] 2-1

Wikipedia - MLS Next Pro

MLS Next Pro (MLSNP) is a men's professional soccer league in the United States and Canada that is affiliated with Major League Soccer. It launched in 2022 with 21 teams and now comprises 27 reserve sides of MLS clubs and 2 independent clubs. MLS Next Pro is classified as part of the third tier of the United States soccer league system.


On June 21, 2021, Major League Soccer announced the creation of a new professional league which would begin play in 2022. MLS has applied to the United States Soccer Federation for the league to be sanctioned as a Division III professional league, the same level currently occupied by USL League One and the National Independent Soccer Association and one level below the USL Championship. MLS announced that Next Pro would start with at least 20 teams, many of them owned by Major League Soccer and development teams between their first-teams and their youth academies. All MLS clubs with reserve teams in the USL Championship or USL League One initially planned to move those sides to MLS Next Pro by 2023. D.C. United's formerly owned-and-operated reserve team was sold to independent buyers.

The inaugural match of MLS Next Pro was played on March 25, 2022, at Hermann Stadium in St. Louis. St. Louis City SC 2 defeated Rochester New York FC 2–0. Wan Kuzain scored the first ever goal in the 20th minute.

The league makes use of unique rules such as all regular season draws being decided by penalty shootouts and the addition of concussion substitutions. On July 6, 2022, new rules for the league were introduced in the middle of the season. This included an off-field treatment rule meant to curb gamesmanship and timewasting and a new rule for red card suspensions: The suspension a player gets for getting a red card or two yellow cards in the same game will be served by the player when next playing against the same opponent.

The USA MLS Next Pro League is a highly anticipated soccer tournament that showcases the immense talent and potential of young players in the United States. As a subsidiary of Major League Soccer (MLS), this tournament serves as a stepping stone for aspiring athletes to make their mark in professional soccer.

The tournament features teams from various regions across the country, each representing their respective MLS Next academies. These academies are renowned for their commitment to developing young talent and providing them with the necessary resources to succeed at the highest level.

The USA MLS Next Pro League offers a platform for these talented players to showcase their skills and compete against their peers in a highly competitive environment. The tournament not only provides an opportunity for players to gain valuable experience but also serves as a scouting ground for MLS clubs and other professional teams.

The level of competition in the USA MLS Next Pro League is intense, with teams battling it out on the field to secure victory. The matches are filled with fast-paced action, skillful displays, and strategic gameplay, captivating both avid soccer fans and casual spectators alike.

This tournament not only highlights the immense talent within the United States but also emphasizes the importance of youth development in American soccer. It serves as a testament to the growing popularity and quality of soccer in the country, as well as the commitment of MLS and its affiliated academies to nurturing young talent.

The USA MLS Next Pro League is a must-watch event for soccer enthusiasts, as it provides a glimpse into the future of American soccer and the potential stars that may emerge from this tournament. With its thrilling matches, promising young players, and the opportunity for future professional contracts, this tournament is a true celebration of the sport and its growth in the United States.