England National League South

England National League South

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DateRHome vs Away-
12/04 19:45 12 Aveley vs Welling View
12/05 19:45 12 Hampton & Richmond vs Braintree Town View
12/05 19:45 16 Maidstone Utd vs Truro City View
12/05 19:45 12 Hemel Hempstead vs Chippenham Town View
12/05 19:45 19 Torquay vs Weymouth View
12/05 19:45 12 Taunton Town vs Slough View
12/05 19:45 18 Weston Super Mare vs Worthing View
12/06 19:45 12 Bath City vs Yeovil View
12/09 15:00 12 Truro City vs Dover View
12/09 15:00 16 Taunton Town vs Farnborough View
12/09 15:00 16 Dartford vs Yeovil View
12/12 19:45 17 Taunton Town vs Weston Super Mare View


Date R Home vs Away -
12/02 15:00 22 [8] Worthing vs Chippenham Town [14] 3-1
12/02 15:00 22 [17] Weston Super Mare vs Welling [22] 4-2
12/02 15:00 22 [21] Truro City vs St Albans [16] 3-1
12/02 15:00 22 [6] Torquay vs Tonbridge Angels [9] 2-1
12/02 15:00 22 Maidstone Utd vs Dartford PPT.
12/02 15:00 22 [24] Havant and W vs Dover [23] 4-3
12/02 15:00 22 [4] Hampton & Richmond vs Hemel Hempstead [12] 2-1
12/02 15:00 22 [20] Eastbourne Borough vs Taunton Town [15] Abandoned
12/02 15:00 22 [5] Bath City vs Chelmsford [10] 2-3
12/02 15:00 22 Yeovil vs Slough PPT.
12/02 15:00 22 Braintree Town vs Weymouth PPT.
12/02 15:00 22 [3] Aveley vs Farnborough [13] 3-4

Wikipedia - National League South

The National League South, formerly Conference South, is one of the second divisions of the National League in England, immediately below the top division National League. Along with National League North, it is in the second level of the National League System, and is the sixth tier overall of the English football league system, and includes teams from the South East, London, and the South West, as well as teams from Essex.

The National League South was introduced in 2004 as part of a major restructuring of the National League System. Each year the champion of the league is automatically promoted to the National League. A second promotion place goes to the winner of a play-off involving the teams finishing in second to seventh place (expanded from four to six teams in the 2017–18 season). The three bottom clubs were relegated to Step 3 leagues.

For sponsorship reasons, it has been known as Blue Square South (2007–2010), Blue Square Bet South (2010–2013), Skrill South (2013–2014), the Vanarama Conference South (2014–2015), the Vanarama National League South (2015–2019) and the Motorama National League South following a three-year sponsorship deal announced in January 2019. Since the start of the 2015–16 season, the league is known as the National League South.

The National League South was reduced to 21 clubs for 2020–21 and was expected to expand to 24 teams in 2021–22. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in England, the 2020–21 National League South season was curtailed and voided after written resolutions were put to a vote. No teams were relegated. Expansion would be implemented before the 2022–23 season, when the bottom club was relegated and four were promoted from Step 3. There are four relegations from the South since 2023.

The England National League South is a highly competitive soccer tournament held in Great Britain. It is one of the regional divisions of the National League, which is the fifth tier of the English football league system.

The tournament features teams from the southern part of England, including counties such as London, Surrey, Hampshire, and Kent. It serves as a platform for aspiring football clubs to showcase their talent and compete for promotion to higher divisions.

The England National League South is known for its intense and fast-paced matches, with teams battling it out on the field to secure victories and climb up the league table. The tournament attracts a passionate fan base, with supporters cheering for their favorite teams and creating an electric atmosphere in the stadiums.

The participating teams in the England National League South consist of both professional and semi-professional clubs, each with their own unique history and traditions. The tournament provides a platform for players to showcase their skills and potentially catch the attention of higher-level clubs or national team selectors.

The England National League South also serves as a stepping stone for clubs aiming to reach the Football League, which is the professional league system in England. The top teams in the tournament have the opportunity to earn promotion to the National League, bringing them one step closer to their ultimate goal of playing in the prestigious English Football League.

Overall, the England National League South is a thrilling and competitive soccer tournament that showcases the talent and passion for the sport in the southern region of Great Britain. It provides an exciting platform for clubs and players to compete, entertain fans, and strive for success in their footballing journey.