The Liga Dominicana de Fútbol is the first professional football league in Dominican Republic, it was launched in March 2015. For sponsorship reasons it is known as LDF Banco Popular.


Prior to the league's establishment, football in the Dominican Republic was only played in a semi-pro level.

To address the issue and to raise the status of football in the country, the Dominican Football Federation has decided to implement the idea of a new professional league in the country, to attract more people into the sport. Thus, the Liga Dominicana de Fútbol was approved, as an attempt to raise the country's football profile. The first season began in 2014.

Jarabacoa FC gets Relegated for the 2024 Season

On 2 February 2024, the Official Jarabacoa FC account on X announced they will not participate in the 2024 season in desire to maintain and improve their turf along with general improvements to their Stadium.[1] The 2024 season will feature the previous 8 teams from the 2023 season.

The Dominican Republic Liga is an exhilarating soccer tournament held annually in the beautiful Caribbean nation of the Dominican Republic. This highly anticipated event brings together some of the most talented soccer teams from across the country, showcasing their skills and passion for the sport.

The tournament features a thrilling display of athleticism, teamwork, and fierce competition as teams battle it out on the field to claim the prestigious title of champions. The matches are played in various stadiums and sports complexes throughout the country, providing an electrifying atmosphere for both players and spectators alike.

The Dominican Republic Liga attracts a diverse range of teams, from local clubs to professional teams, ensuring a high level of competition and excitement. The tournament serves as a platform for emerging talents to showcase their abilities, while established teams strive to maintain their dominance in the soccer scene.

Spectators can expect to witness fast-paced action, skillful dribbling, precise passing, and breathtaking goals as the teams compete for victory. The tournament also offers a unique opportunity for fans to immerse themselves in the vibrant soccer culture of the Dominican Republic, with passionate supporters cheering on their favorite teams and creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

Beyond the thrilling matches, the Dominican Republic Liga also serves as a celebration of the country's rich soccer heritage and its commitment to the development of the sport. The tournament fosters camaraderie, sportsmanship, and a sense of national pride among players and fans alike.

Whether you are a die-hard soccer enthusiast or simply looking for an exciting sporting event to attend, the Dominican Republic Liga promises an unforgettable experience. From the intense matches to the lively atmosphere, this tournament is a must-see for anyone who appreciates the beauty and excitement of the beautiful game.