DateRHome vs Away-
06/03 05:30 15 Sturt Lions vs South Adelaide Panthers View
06/03 05:30 15 Modbury Jets vs West Adelaide View
06/03 07:30 15 Adelaide Comets vs Adelaide City View
06/03 07:30 15 Metrostars vs Croydon Kings View
06/03 08:30 15 Adelaide Olympic vs Adelaide United NPL View
06/09 10:00 16 South Adelaide vs Modbury Jets View
06/10 05:00 16 Croydon Kings vs White City FK Beograd View
06/10 05:30 16 Adelaide City vs Adelaide Olympic View
06/10 05:30 16 Campbelltown City vs Adelaide Comets View
06/10 05:30 16 West Adelaide vs Metrostars View
06/11 07:30 16 Adelaide United U21 vs Sturt Lions View
06/16 10:00 17 White City FK Beograd vs West Adelaide View


Date R Home vs Away -
06/02 10:00 15 [7] White City FK Beograd vs Campbelltown City [2] 1-2
05/27 07:45 14 [9] West Adelaide vs Sturt Lions [12] 1-1
05/27 05:30 14 [3] Adelaide United NPL vs Adelaide City [6] 1-3
05/27 05:30 14 [11] South Adelaide Panthers vs Adelaide Olympic [8] 3-3
05/27 05:30 14 [2] Campbelltown City vs Metrostars [1] 0-1
05/27 05:00 14 [10] Croydon Kings vs Modbury Jets [4] 3-2
05/26 10:00 14 [5] White City FK Beograd vs Adelaide Comets [7] 1-5
05/20 08:30 13 [9] Adelaide Olympic vs West Adelaide [8] 4-0
05/20 05:30 13 [2] Campbelltown City vs Modbury Jets [4] 4-0
05/20 05:30 13 [3] Adelaide United NPL vs Adelaide Comets [7] 1-1
05/20 05:30 13 [6] Adelaide City vs South Adelaide Panthers [11] 2-2
05/20 05:30 13 [12] Sturt Lions vs Croydon Kings [10] 1-1

The National Premier Leagues South Australia (often abbreviated to NPL South Australia or NPL SA) is a semi-professional football competition in the Australian state of South Australia. The league is a subdivision of the second tier National Premier Leagues, which sits below the A-League on the national pyramid. The competition is controlled by Football South Australia, the governing body for the sport in the state.


In 2012 it was announced that the FFSA Premier League was to become the top tier of South Australian football (below the national A-League) after the disbandment of the now defunct FFSA Super League. It was announced that the competition would consist of 14 teams. These teams would be made up of the 10 teams from the defunct Super League with the remaining 4 spots being filled by the top 4 teams from the 2012 Premier League season.

In 2013 the league joined the National Premier Leagues and was named correspondingly to NPL SA. The top placed team after the completion of the season will enter into the National Premier Leagues finals and will play-off against other top placed teams from interstate conferences to determine a nationwide champion.

National Premier Leagues South Australia (abbreviated as NPL SA), a subdivision of National Premier Leagues (NPL), is a semi-professional football competition in the state of South Australia. National Premier Leagues is the second-tier football competition in Australia, which sits below the Hyundai A-League and Westfield W-League on the country's football national pyramid. Football Federation Australia (FFA) embarked on a National Competition Review in October 2010, which aimed to review the football competition structure in Australia. The process of conducting the National Competition Review lasted for 20 months, and the review results were released in May 2012, in which FFA proposed to revitalise the country's state-based competitions to promote the development of elite players. As a result of this review, National Premier Leagues was established in February 2013. At the time of establishment, NPL has five subdivisions, including football teams from five corresponding state-based federations, which are Football Federation South Australia, Football Federation Tasmania, Football Queensland, Football NSW, and Capital Football. The inaugural season of NPL SA began in March 2013. Currently, this competition is run and managed by Football South Australia (formerly known as Football Federation South Australia), which is a governing body of football issues in South Australia and a competition administrator for different levels of football games in the state. offers live updates and information on the Australia South Australia Premier League, which is a professional soccer league in South Australia, Australia. The league consists of eight teams that compete in a round-robin format, with each team playing against each other twice. The season typically runs from February to September, with the top team at the end of the season being crowned the champion. provides users with real-time updates on scores, standings, and statistics for each game, as well as odds and betting options for those looking to place bets on the matches. Whether you're a fan of the league or a bettor looking to make some money, is the go-to source for all your Australia South Australia Premier League needs.