DateRHome vs Away-
11/26 13:30 15 ASD Alba Calcio vs Sanremese View
11/26 13:30 15 Asti vs AVC Vogherese 1919 View
11/26 13:30 15 Borgosesia vs AC Bra View
11/26 13:30 15 Fezzanese vs Pinerolo FC View
11/26 13:30 15 FC Vado vs Lavagnese View
11/26 13:30 15 US Albenga vs ASDC Gozzano View
11/26 13:30 15 ASD Alcione vs Chieri 1955 View
11/26 13:30 15 Citta Di Varese vs Derthona View
11/26 13:30 15 Ligorna vs USD Pont Donnaz View
11/26 13:30 15 ASD RG Ticino vs Chisola View


Date R Home vs Away -
05/19 14:00 1 ASD Romana vs Cassino 3-1
05/19 14:00 3 ASD Alcione vs ASD Caldiero Terme 1-2
05/19 14:00 3 Campobasso vs AC Carpi 2-0
05/15 14:00 2 Clodiense vs ASD Alcione 2-1
05/15 14:00 2 Team Altamura vs Trapani 0-3
05/15 14:00 2 AC Carpi vs US Pianese 1-1
05/12 16:00 2 Martina vs SSD Casarano Calcio 3-0
05/12 15:30 2 Grosseto vs Livorno 3-2
05/12 15:15 1 Chieri 1955 vs Pinerolo FC 0-0
05/12 14:00 1 Cavese vs Team Altamura 1-0
05/12 14:00 1 US Pianese vs Campobasso 0-1
05/12 14:00 2 Varese vs FC Vado 0-1

Wikipedia - Serie D

The Serie D (Italian pronunciation: [ˈsɛːrje ˈdi]) is the bottom level of semi-professional football in Italy. The fourth tier of the Italian league system, the competition sits beneath the third professional league, Serie C. It is administered by the Lega Nazionale Dilettanti and is organized by the Roman Comitato Interregionale (Interregional Committee), a "league in the league" inside the LND.


In 1948 the three leagues running Division 3 (Serie C) had to be reorganized due to an ever-growing number of regional teams. FIGC decided not to relegate the excess teams to regional championships. It chose the winners and a few runners-up from the 36 Serie C championships to be added to the new third division set up into 4 groups. The rest of the teams joined the new Promozione, which changed its name in 1952 into IV Serie (Fourth Division) and then in 1959 into Serie D.

From 1959 each player in the Serie D championships had to opt for semi-professional status, by signing a specially issued status attribution form. The championship was thus included in the Lega Nazionale Semiprofessionisti, today known as Lega Pro. Serie D was re-organized in 1981 when championships were reduced. The league name changed into the Interregional. Players lost semi-pro status and converted to amateurs. The championship subsequently passed into the Lega Nazionale Dilettanti. From 1992 to 1999 the name changed into Campionato Nazionale Dilettanti before eventually returning to the current Serie D name. With the merger of the Lega Pro's two divisions at the end of the 2013–14 season (as decided by the FIGC and Lega Pro in November 2012) to reestablish Serie C, Serie D and the leagues below it moved up by one level in the pyramid system, reducing the number of leagues in Italian football to nine.

Italy Serie D is a highly competitive and prestigious soccer tournament held in Italy. It is the fourth-highest level of professional soccer in the country, consisting of numerous teams from various regions of Italy. The tournament showcases the immense talent and passion for the sport in Italy, with teams competing fiercely to secure victory and climb the ranks of Italian soccer.

The Italy Serie D tournament provides a platform for both established and emerging soccer clubs to showcase their skills and compete against each other. The participating teams are often representative of their respective regions, creating a sense of pride and local rivalry. The tournament is known for its intense matches, where players display their technical abilities, tactical prowess, and physical strength.

Italy Serie D attracts a large and dedicated fan base, with supporters from all over Italy cheering for their favorite teams. The matches are held in various stadiums across the country, providing an opportunity for fans to witness the excitement and drama of live soccer. The tournament also serves as a breeding ground for young talents, as scouts from higher divisions often attend matches to identify potential future stars.

The Italy Serie D tournament follows a rigorous schedule, with teams competing in a league format. The top-performing teams from each group advance to the playoffs, where they battle it out for the ultimate prize – promotion to higher divisions. The tournament not only offers a chance for teams to achieve glory but also provides a pathway for them to progress and compete at higher levels of Italian soccer.

Overall, Italy Serie D is a captivating and thrilling soccer tournament that showcases the rich soccer culture and talent in Italy. It is a platform for teams to prove their worth, entertain fans, and potentially secure promotion to higher divisions. With its passionate supporters, intense matches, and high stakes, Italy Serie D is a must-watch for any soccer enthusiast.