[2] Wasps 22-16 Leicester [6] (Aviva Premiership) 2017-01-08 15:00

Stadium: Ricoh Arena Round: 13

Referee: Craig Maxwell-Keys Home Manager: Dai Young Away Manager: Richard Cockerill

Wasps   Leicester
22 Pts 16
13:13 Time In Opponent's 22 08:08
50 50
50 50
61 61
10 Minute Possession
39 39
3 Tries 1


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Atmosphere here at the @RicohArena is incredible! Big game, big crowd; let's go get a big result! #COYW #WeAreWasps

2017-01-08 14:59:25

KICK OFF: Jimmy Gopperth gets the game underway, kicking into the right and Daly leads the chase. 0-0

2017-01-08 15:01:02

2 mins: Nervy start from both sides as the ball changes hands a few times in the first passage. Tigers now with ball inside own 1/2. 0-0

2017-01-08 15:03:04

3 mins: TRY WASPS! Daly chips ahead, Wade gets a boot to it, causes havoc in backfield and manages to get it down over the line! 5-0

2017-01-08 15:04:46

4 mins: Jimmy Gopperth converts the score and it's an early lead for the men in black and gold. 7-0

2017-01-08 15:05:16

That conversion sees @jimmygopps pass 200 points this season! Congrats Jimmy! #WeAreWasps https://t.co/z5Swz5aGTO

2017-01-08 15:06:38

8 mins: Wasps win a penalty on halfway and Gopperth goes for broke, nailing the touch-finder up to 5 metres out from the Tigers line. 7-0

2017-01-08 15:08:52

9 mins: Tigers penalised again from the maul and, again, Wasps kick to touch for the lineout.....

2017-01-08 15:09:59

10 mins: TRY WASPS! It's Tommy Taylor who rides the maul all the way to the line and dots down in the corner! 12-0

2017-01-08 15:10:34

13 mins: HUGE defence from Wasps as Tigers pound the line inside our 22 but a huge hit from Symons forces a knock on & Wade clears. 12-0

2017-01-08 15:14:21

15 mins: Wasps under pressure as Tigers move into the 22 but another MASSIVE Symons hit leaves Taylor & Young free to turn ball over. 12-0

2017-01-08 15:17:22

16 mins: Treatment for Dan Cole's knee and a chance for a breather in what's been a hectic start to this one! Wasps 12-0 Tigers

2017-01-08 15:19:06

19 mins: Wasps with the wind in their sails and not afraid to push the width of the game. Looking so dangerous out there! 12-0

2017-01-08 15:22:41

20 mins: Wade jinks past two and feeds Bassett, who links with Beale and we're inside the 22! And that gets the crowd excited! 12-0

2017-01-08 15:23:43

22 mins: Tigers turn the ball over as Wasps look certain to score, but Beale us back to collect the kick and we're back on the attack. 12-0

2017-01-08 15:26:17

25 mins: Tigers ball retention is good and they move into our 22. Massive hits out there and Wasps giving everything to hold them. 12-0

2017-01-08 15:30:01

27 mins: TURNOVER. Guy Thompson comes up with a huge turnover in the shadow of our own posts and Gopperth clears to touch. Phew! 12-0

2017-01-08 15:31:03

28 mins: TRY WASPS! Young breaks from our 22, Bassett on his shoulder, he's tackled & Robson snipes to dive over! Length of the field! 17-0

2017-01-08 15:32:14

29 mins: Gopperth nails the conversion and opens up the Wasps lead. Wasps 19-0 Tigers

2017-01-08 15:32:56

33 mins: PEN TIGERS. Owen Williams gets his side off the mark with a well-struck three-pointer from 40 metres. 19-3

2017-01-08 15:37:15

35 mins: Christian Wade take a bow. Looks to be going nowhere, turns on a sixpence & beats 3, sparking us into life. Boy's got feet! 19-3

2017-01-08 15:41:22

36 mins: Chance goes begging for Wasps as we move into the 22 but knock the ball on. Comes as a surprise as been so clinical so far! 19-3

2017-01-08 15:41:38

39 mins: Bit of spice at scrum time as the top packs come head to head. What's a Wasps v Tigers game with out a bit of that! 19-3

2017-01-08 15:43:27

40 mins: Time up on the clock for the first half but Tigers with the put-in to the scrum inside their own half. 19-3

2017-01-08 15:44:14

HALFTIME: Wasps out of the blocks with three tries within 30 minutes but Tigers have got themselves a foothold. Mas… https://t.co/jhZfuL47DJ

2017-01-08 15:46:45

From a man who knows a thing or two about attacking rugby! https://t.co/0hbynvseAg

2017-01-08 15:56:28

Get back in your seats, you don't want to miss a minute of this! Another 40 minutes of Wasps v Tigers on the way! #COYW

2017-01-08 15:59:28

Let's go! Here come Wasps for the second 40 minutes. More of the same please!!

2017-01-08 16:00:47

SECOND HALF: Williams gets the game underway, Tigers win the ball in the air, but Symons turns over at the breakdown & Beale clears. 19-3

2017-01-08 16:02:08

43 mins: PEN TIGERS. Wasps penalised for not releasing and Williams knock over another three-pointer. 19-6

2017-01-08 16:05:06

Pleasure to have you at the game @Hambofoundation! https://t.co/OswiKksRW5

2017-01-08 16:05:43

45 mins: Wasps forced to scramble as Youngs takes a penalty quickly, but Robson tackles, Moore over the ball and wins a penalty. 19-6

2017-01-08 16:07:55

47 mins: Gopperth goes long with the penalty as he kicks to touch and gets us up to 10 metres out from the Tigers line. 19-6

2017-01-08 16:10:00

48 mins: Wasps attack goes stale and Tigers blast through the ruck, winning a penalty and Burns clears to the halfway. 19-6

2017-01-08 16:11:48

49 mins: Tigers attacking, Thompstone chips into Beale's arms, who looks to be running the length but ref brings it back for knock-on. 19-6

2017-01-08 16:14:05

50 mins: Wasps under real pressure as Brady chips & it finds space, Brady collects & held just short. Genge picks and it's gone to TMO...

2017-01-08 16:15:32

51 mins: TRY TIGERS. It's Peter Betham who's awarded the try on the TMO's review. Burns converts and it's 19-13

2017-01-08 16:16:54

54 mins: Tigers awarded a penalty at the scrum and they kick it to our 22. Momentum clearly with the visitors now. 19-13

2017-01-08 16:19:54

56 mins: Phew! Tigers go over in the corner but the assistant referee's flag is up for a foot in touch. This game so tight! 19-13

2017-01-08 16:22:16

56 mins: WASPS SUB. Ashley Johnson comes onto the field for Tommy Taylor, who's off for a HIA. 19-13

2017-01-08 16:22:49

57 mins: WASPS SUB. Danny Cipriani, Phil Swainston and James Haskell onto the field for Eastmond, Moore and Hughes. 19-13

2017-01-08 16:25:36

58 mins: Just onto the field, James Haskell requires treatment from the doctor's after what looks like a head collision. 19-13

2017-01-08 16:27:09

58 mins: WASPS SUB. James Gaskell comes on for James Haskell, who goes off for a HIA. 19-13

2017-01-08 16:28:05

60 mins: PEN TIGERS. The visitors narrow the gap to just three-points through the boot of Burns. 19-16

2017-01-08 16:29:26

60 mins: WASPS SUB. Joe Simpson on in the place of Robson. 19-16

2017-01-08 16:30:19

63 mins: Tigers win a penalty on halfway and Burns kicks to the 22, but Wasps steal the balll in the maul and Simpson clears. 19-16

2017-01-08 16:34:10

65 mins: Tigers keep coming and the spread it wide to Thacker, but Wade is equal to it and he drags the Tiger into touch. 19-16

2017-01-08 16:34:55

66 mins: SIN BIN. As Wasps move deep into the Tigers 22, Dan Cole slaps the ball down and he's sent to the sin bin for 10 minutes. 19-16

2017-01-08 16:36:12

67 mins: PEN WASPS. Jimmy Gopperth smashes over the three-pointer and opens the lead back out to six points. 22-16

2017-01-08 16:37:03

68 mins: Wasps clear up the restart as Simpson feeds Cipriani, who gives it to Gopperth and he clears. 22-16

2017-01-08 16:38:13

69 mins: Simpson breaks & the crowd are on their feet, but as he chips ahead Tigers get back and call a mark. Still Wasps on the 22. 22-16

2017-01-08 16:39:58

70 mins: It's a frenzy as Tigers intercept, then the ball is on the floor, Gopperth grabs it, feeding Cipriani to chip & it's gone to TMO...

2017-01-08 16:43:13

...TMO rules it out but ref says it's taken back over and Wasps have the put in to the scrum. 22-16

2017-01-08 16:43:43

72 mins: Wasps win a penalty at the scrum, kick to the corner, catch and drive over the line. Again, it's gone to the TMO.....

2017-01-08 16:44:10

.... held up and Wasps have the scrum 5 metres out from the Tigers line again. Loads of pressure, need something from this! 22-16

2017-01-08 16:44:55

73 mins: Wasps penalised at the scrum and Burns is able to relieve the pressure and kick clear. 22-16

2017-01-08 16:46:15

75 mins: Tigers break through the line in midfield and Wasps are forced to scramble. Simpson, wade and Thompson get back. 22-16

2017-01-08 16:48:37

76 mins: Wasps defending for their lives here and good linespeed out wide from Swainston & Johnson forces Evans to knock the ball on. 22-16

2017-01-08 16:49:40

ATTENDANCE: It's the biggest of the season. 27,930 at the @RicohArena this afternoon. Thank you all for your suppor… https://t.co/e26EZxgnF0

2017-01-08 16:50:43

78 mins: Tigers still on the attack here in the final minutes. Wasps giving everything to hold them as they move to the 22. 22-16

2017-01-08 16:51:25

79 mins: Tigers now deep in our 22 but as the ball goes wide Betham knocks on. Tense now as Wasps put into the scrum. 40 seconds left. 22-16

2017-01-08 16:52:50

79 mins: WASPS SUB. Rob Miller come on for Elliot Daly, who's off for a HIA. 22-16

2017-01-08 16:54:30


1 2 OT F
19 3 22
3 13 16


  • 4' - 1st Try - Wade (Wasps)
  • 5' - 1st Conversion - (Wasps)
  • 10' - 2nd Try - Taylor (Wasps)
  • 28' - 3rd Try - Robson (Wasps)
  • 29' - 2nd Conversion - (Wasps)
  • 33' - 1st Penalty Kick - (Leicester)
  • 19-3: First Half score
  • 2nd Half
  • 44' - 2nd Penalty Kick - (Leicester)
  • 51' - 4th Try - Betham (Leicester)
  • 52' - 3rd Conversion - (Leicester)
  • 60' - 3rd Penalty Kick - (Leicester)
  • 66' - Yellow Card - Cole (Leicester)
  • 67' - 4th Penalty Kick - (Wasps)