Watch our Quake champion COOLLERZ in action at #QuakeCon! Tune in:

2017-08-26 16:54:09

Are you ready?! Our match vs @FNATIC at @ESL Pro League S6 is about to start! Cheer for us:…

2017-08-26 17:22:04

Nice -3 by @s1mpleO 💪

2017-08-26 17:52:43

We managed to take inferno 16:14! Short break and we'll be back on nuke! #csgo #gonavi

2017-10-04 18:12:51

Starting our second map vs @TeamLDLC at @ESL Pro League S6 Europe! LIVE: #csgo #gonavi

2017-10-04 18:26:19

"You shall not pass!" Nice knife kill by @s1mpleO! 😎🔪 #gonavi #csgo

2017-10-04 18:57:56

RT @flamieCS: 2-0 vs @TeamLDLCFR gg :)

2017-10-04 19:15:08

GG WP @TeamLDLC! We take both maps & pick up some key points in the @ESL Pro League S6 Europe! #csgo #gonavi

2017-10-04 19:15:23