Warrington 6-12 Wigan (Super 8s Super League) 2016-10-08 16:43

Warrington   Wigan
6 Pts 12
09:09 Time In Opponent's 22 07:07
47 47
53 53
41 41
10 Minute Possession
59 59
1 Tries 2


Wigan won the coin toss and will be attacking towards the West Stand in the first half #GrandFinal2016

2016-10-08 16:47:19

What a performance from @FeederHQ #GrandFinal2016

2016-10-08 16:57:09

We're nearly there. The teams are out. Kick-off is moments away #GF2016

2016-10-08 17:01:51

Smith kicks us off, Sims first to drive the ball in #GF2016

2016-10-08 17:03:27

1min: First set cleared, now keeping Wigan back #GF2016

2016-10-08 17:04:37

2mins: Wigan fumble possession, Bateman losing the ball. Wolves scrum 40 metres out #GF2016

2016-10-08 17:05:23

3mins: Patton wrapped up just short, play to the right, keeping alive on last but Evans tackled 5 metres out on last #GF2016

2016-10-08 17:06:44

4mins: We're back with it, attacking down the middle, last tackle here 10 metes out #GF2016

2016-10-08 17:08:06

4mins: Lineham gets close plucking the ball from the air after high kick to corner, so close #GF2016

2016-10-08 17:08:49

5mins: Penalty goes Wigan's way as we are pulled up for holding down on half way #GF2016

2016-10-08 17:09:19

6mins: We don't move away quickly enough, not square so another penalty and Wigan opt to go for the 2 #GF2016

2016-10-08 17:10:20

7mins: Smith lands the kick to edge Wigan ahead 0-2 #GF2016

2016-10-08 17:11:02

9mins: Well that was a high testing kick but Ratchford deals with it with ease #GF2016

2016-10-08 17:12:44

9mins: Wigan pulled up for offside. Now it's with us from 40 metres out #GF2016

2016-10-08 17:13:09

10mins: Lost possession, ball comes free in tackle on Hill, Wigan kick, Wolves hand and it's a Wigan scrum 10 metres out #GF2016

2016-10-08 17:14:26

11mins: Gidley lands on the grubber to put a stop to their attack. Back with us #GF2016

2016-10-08 17:15:31

13mins: Williams kick bounces up into hands of Evans, Wolves now attacking down the middle #GF2016

2016-10-08 17:17:00

16mins: Charnley and Wigan fans think he's in but no try. Forward pass and we have it back #GF2016

2016-10-08 17:20:18

17mins: Wolves sub: Wilde off, T King on #GF2016

2016-10-08 17:20:55

17mins: Charnley can't take the high ball, knock-on so Wolves scrum 20 metres out #GF2016

2016-10-08 17:21:20

18mins: Sims has a go, Clark too, low pass to Atkins and ball is fumbled just metres shy. Wigan scrum #GF2016

2016-10-08 17:22:39

19mins: Another forward flick pass and it's a knock-on down the left for Wigan. We have the scrum on half way #GF2016

2016-10-08 17:24:09

20mins: TRY @DecPatton7 There's space to the line and he's over!!!!! #GF2016 https://t.co/XMxzJhar65

2016-10-08 17:25:24

21mins: @DecPatton7 converts his own try 6-2 #GF2016 https://t.co/Xw1Z3FI52h

2016-10-08 17:26:46

24mins: Came close to another there but Hughes knocks on in the tackle with the line beckoning #GF2016

2016-10-08 17:29:58

25mins: Ratchford safe under the high ball again. Bit of ground to make up here and then ball pops free before Westerman takes it #GF2016

2016-10-08 17:31:30

26mins: We manage to diffuse the pressure though, 20 minutes restart #GF2016

2016-10-08 17:32:04

26mins: Wigan pulled up for holding down in the tackle on Clark 20 metres out now #GF2016

2016-10-08 17:32:29

27mins: Wolves sub: Hill off, G King on #GF2016

2016-10-08 17:32:46

28mins: Cross field kick by Patton, Evans, Atkins and Tierney under it and Tierney takes it #GF2016

2016-10-08 17:33:43

28mins; A knock-on hands us the scrum 10 metres out #GF2016

2016-10-08 17:34:16

29mins: Quick offload from Westerman and it's a knock-on from Ratchford as he goes for the pick up #GF2016

2016-10-08 17:36:36

30mins: Atkins intercept races away just to be pulled back for offside. Both sides played on so making way back now #GF2016

2016-10-08 17:38:33

30mins: Wolves sub: Sims off, Bailey on #GF2016

2016-10-08 17:39:03

31mins: Wigan attacking 10 metres out. Tierney getting close #GF2016

2016-10-08 17:39:26

31mins: It's ok we've got it back #GF2016

2016-10-08 17:40:21

34mins: A bit of movement here from Wigan but Ratchford scoops up the grubber #GF2016

2016-10-08 17:43:44

36mins: Tierney goes for the tap back inside but Gidley's there to take it #GF2016

2016-10-08 17:45:19

39mins: Scrambling defence traps Wigan, it's turnover #GF2016

2016-10-08 17:48:12

Half Time: Wolves 6 - 2 @WiganWarriorsRL #GF2016 https://t.co/Ku4g73yTE8

2016-10-08 17:49:07

What a moment. Walking out #GrandFinal2016 https://t.co/NhaJcmNpEm

2016-10-08 17:54:51

The teams are back for the second forty #GF2016

2016-10-08 18:05:23

And we are off #GF2016

2016-10-08 18:06:13

42mins: Penalty for Wigan early on from the scrum, kick to touch now attacking from half way #GF2016

2016-10-08 18:09:03

43mins: Penalty Wolves way now and we are driving up the middle #GF2016

2016-10-08 18:10:02

45mins: End to end play in the early part of this half #GF2016

2016-10-08 18:11:31

45mins: Wolves sub: Hill on for G King #GF2016

2016-10-08 18:11:47

47mins: Bailey penalised for a flop and kick from Wigan takes them to half way #GF2016

2016-10-08 18:13:50

48mins: Offload from Gelling goes to ground and Russell is there to pick it up to give us possession back #GF2016

2016-10-08 18:14:47

50mins: Wolves sub: Sims on for Bailey #GF2016

2016-10-08 18:17:06

52mins: Clark off, Sandow on #GF2016

2016-10-08 18:19:20

53mins: Knock-on from Charnely after high kick from Sandow. Wolves scrum 20 metres out #GF2016

2016-10-08 18:20:20

54mins: Atkins is over in the corner. Try given on the field but video ref to take a look #GF2016

2016-10-08 18:21:53

54mins: Ball is lost in the tackle over the line. Knock-on #GF2016

2016-10-08 18:23:29

54mins: Play switches ends and it's a try for Gildart #GF2016 6-6 with kick to come

2016-10-08 18:24:41

Crowd of 70,202 tonight. Thank you for you support Wire fans!

2016-10-08 18:26:26

55mins: Kick is missed. It's all square at 6-6 #GF2016

2016-10-08 18:26:42

59mins: Great chase from Wolves after that kick, trap Charnley in goal. Drop-out for Wigan #GF2016

2016-10-08 18:31:19

60mins: Sandow grubber kick in goal taken by Sarginson #GF2016

2016-10-08 18:32:11

61mins: Wolves sub: Patton off, Clark on #GF2016

2016-10-08 18:33:02

62mins: A knock-on from Lineham and Wigan have the scrum 15 metres out #GF2016

2016-10-08 18:33:33

63mins: Grubber kick to the corner, skips up and Charnley is on the end to score 6-10 Kick to come #GF2016

2016-10-08 18:34:48

64mins: The touchline kick is missed 6-10 #GF2016

2016-10-08 18:36:32

66mins: Trying everything to keep it alive here but sadly kick to the edge beats everyone. Turnover #GF2016

2016-10-08 18:39:04

68mins: Gidley knocks on the tackle to turnoer possession, Wigan scrum #GF2016

2016-10-08 18:41:06

69mins: It's ok we have it back, now on half way #GF2016

2016-10-08 18:42:32

70mins: Gids has taken a hit so change of shirt is needed. Play stopped #GF2016

2016-10-08 18:44:13

71mins: Russell does well to wrap up that ball, try saver but drop-out it is #GF2016

2016-10-08 18:45:33

72mins: Ball steal as O'Loughlin targets the line. Penalty Wigan, opt to go for goal #GF2016

2016-10-08 18:47:16

73mins: Smith adds the two from in front 6-12 #GF2016

2016-10-08 18:47:47

74mins: Russell painfully close but tackled into touch #GF2016

2016-10-08 18:49:56

75mins: Smith takes a knock so play paused as taken a look at #GF2016

2016-10-08 18:50:18

75mins: Will be Wigan from the scrum #GF2016

2016-10-08 18:50:48

77mins: Wigan in possession approaching half way #GF2016

2016-10-08 18:54:05

78mins: Out on full and its back with Wolves still time here #GF2016

2016-10-08 18:54:42

79mins: Tackled just short on last #GF2016

2016-10-08 18:56:25


1 2 OT F
6 0 6
2 10 12


  • 8' - 1st Penalty Kick - (Wigan)
  • 21' - 1st Try - (Warrington)
  • 22' - 1st Conversion - (Warrington)
  • 6-2: First Half score
  • 2nd Half
  • 55' - 2nd Try - (Wigan)
  • 63' - 3rd Try - (Wigan)
  • 74' - 2nd Penalty Kick - (Wigan)
  • 6-12: Second Half score