West Indies Champions

Leagues Played
WCL T20 6


WCL T20 07/12 11:30 2 Pakistan Champions v West Indies Champions 198-178
WCL T20 07/10 11:30 - West Indies Champions v Australia Champions 219-274
WCL T20 07/09 11:30 - West Indies Champions v England Champions 210-209
WCL T20 07/07 11:30 - West Indies Champions v South Africa Champions 175-174
WCL T20 07/05 15:30 - India Champions v West Indies Champions 229-31
WCL T20 07/04 15:30 - West Indies Champions v Pakistan Champions 165-194
The West Indies Champions cricket team is a powerhouse in the world of cricket, known for their explosive batting, dynamic fielding, and formidable bowling attack. Comprised of some of the most talented and skilled players from the Caribbean islands, the team has a rich history of success in international competitions.

With a legacy of producing legendary players such as Sir Vivian Richards, Brian Lara, and Curtly Ambrose, the West Indies Champions are known for their aggressive and entertaining style of play. They have a reputation for thrilling fans with their fearless approach to the game, always looking to dominate their opponents on the field.

The team's iconic maroon and yellow uniforms symbolize their unity and pride in representing the West Indies region. Whether playing in Test matches, One Day Internationals, or T20 competitions, the West Indies Champions always bring a sense of excitement and flair to the game.

With a strong sense of camaraderie and a never-say-die attitude, the West Indies Champions continue to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of cricket, inspiring fans and aspiring cricketers alike with their passion and dedication to the sport.