Italy Lega 1 12/10 15:30 11 Brescia vs Dinamo Sassari - View
Italy Lega 1 12/16 18:30 12 Reggio Emilia vs Brescia - View
Italy Lega 1 12/23 18:00 13 Venezia vs Brescia - View
Italy Lega 1 12/30 18:00 14 Brescia vs Milano - View
Italy Lega 1 01/07 18:00 15 Brindisi vs Brescia - View
Italy Lega 1 01/14 18:00 16 Brescia vs Treviso - View


Italy Lega 1 12/03 16:00 10 [11] Scafati v Brescia [3] W 83-89
Italy Lega 1 11/26 17:15 9 [3] Brescia v Varese [11] W 116-73
Italy Lega 1 11/20 19:30 8 [2] Virtus Bologna v Brescia [1] L 88-76
Italy Lega 1 11/12 19:00 7 [2] Brescia v Vanoli Cremona [9] W 84-75
Italy Lega 1 11/05 16:00 6 [8] Tortona v Brescia [4] W 59-87
Italy Lega 1 10/28 17:30 5 [2] Brescia v Trento [7] L 82-90
Italy Lega 1 10/22 17:30 4 [14] Pistoia v Brescia [3] W 72-84
Italy Lega 1 10/15 15:00 3 [4] Brescia v Napoli [3] W 80-71
Italy Lega 1 10/07 18:30 2 [11] Treviso v Brescia [7] W 71-99
Italy Lega 1 10/01 15:00 1 [2] Brescia v Pesaro [2] W 81-79
Italy Super Cup 09/24 16:00 1 Virtus Bologna v Brescia L 97-60
Italy Super Cup 09/23 18:45 2 Brescia v Tortona W 86-63

Wikipedia - Pallacanestro Brescia

The Pallacanestro Brescia, better known for sponsorship reasons as Germani Brescia, is an Italian professional basketball team, based in Brescia, Lombardy. Founded in 2009, the team plays in the Lega Basket Serie A (LBA) since the 2016–17 season.


The history of the Pallacanestro Brescia as we know it today, began in 2009 when Graziella Bragaglio and Matteo Bonetti, took back to the city, the basket's love. The name of the team has always been Basket Brescia Leonessa, till 2020 when it changed to Pallacanestro Brescia.

In 2016, after beating Fortitudo Bologna at game 5 of the league's playoffs, the team Brescia Leonessa won the Serie A2 League and returns in the highest-tier of the Italian basketball league system after 28 years.

In 2018, Pallacanestro Brescia reached the final of the Italian Cup. The team lost 69–67, as Fiat Torino went on to win its first Cup ever.

During season 2018-2019 the team played its first international Cup, participating at the EuroCup.

The 2021-2022 season has been one of the best seasons of Germani Brescia's history. The team won 14 consecutive matches, with 21 matches won over 30 matches played. The team and players also won awards given by LBA at the end of the season.

The greatest achievement of his history for Brescia has been the win of the Coppa Italia on February 19th 2023, the first time ever for them.

Brescia is a professional basketball team based in the city of Brescia, Italy. The team was founded in 1974 and has since become a prominent force in Italian basketball. Brescia competes in the top-tier Italian basketball league, Lega Basket Serie A, and has a strong reputation for its competitive spirit and skilled players.

The team's home arena is the PalaLeonessa, which has a seating capacity of 5,000 spectators. Brescia's team colors are blue and white, and its logo features a roaring lion, which symbolizes the team's fierce determination and strength.

Brescia has a rich history of success, having won several titles and awards over the years. The team's most notable achievements include winning the Italian Cup in 2018 and reaching the quarterfinals of the Basketball Champions League in 2020.

Brescia's current roster features a mix of experienced veterans and promising young players, all of whom are dedicated to achieving success on the court. The team is known for its fast-paced, high-scoring style of play, which makes for exciting and entertaining games.

Overall, Brescia is a respected and formidable basketball team that continues to make its mark on the Italian and European basketball scene.