IIHF World Championship 05/21 14:20 7 Canada vs Czech Rep - View


IIHF World Championship 05/18 18:20 6 [3] Czech Republic v Great Britain [8] W 4-1
IIHF World Championship 05/17 18:20 5 [3] Czech Republic v Austria [6] W 4-0
IIHF World Championship 05/15 14:20 4 [4] Czech Republic v Denmark [6] W 7-4
IIHF World Championship 05/13 18:20 3 [3] Switzerland v Czech Republic [4] L 2-1
IIHF World Championship 05/11 18:20 2 [7] Norway v Czech Republic [4] W 3-6
IIHF World Championship 05/10 18:20 1 [2] Czech Republic v Finland [2] W 1-0
Euro Hockey Tour 05/05 14:00 3 [2] Czech Republic v Switzerland [4] L 1-2
Euro Hockey Tour 05/04 14:00 2 [2] Czech Republic v Sweden [1] L 0-2
Euro Hockey Tour 05/02 16:00 1 [3] Finland v Czech Republic [2] L 4-1
International Friendlies (Regulation Only) 04/27 12:00 - Slovakia v Czech Republic W 1-4
International Friendlies (Regulation Only) 04/26 14:30 - Slovakia v Czech Republic W 2-4
International Friendlies (Regulation Only) 04/20 16:00 - Austria v Czech Republic W 2-3

The Czech Republic men's national ice hockey team is the national ice hockey team of the Czech Republic. Since 2021, the team has been officially known in English as Czechia. It is one of the most successful national ice hockey teams in the world and a member of the so-called "Big Six", the unofficial group of the six strongest men's ice hockey nations, along with Canada, Finland, Russia, Sweden and the United States. It is governed by the Czech Ice Hockey Association. The Czech Republic has 85,000 male players officially enrolled in organized hockey (0.8% of its population).


The Czech national team was formed following the breakup of Czechoslovakia, as the country was split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Czech Republic was recognized as the successor to Czechoslovakia and retained in the highest pool (A), while Slovakia was required start international play in pool C. See also Post-Cold War period of the IIHF world championships.

The Czechs won the gold medal at the 1998 Winter Olympics and won three straight gold medals at the world championships from 1999 to 2001. In the next three years, the team did not get a medal at the world championships—not even home at the 2004 Men's World Ice Hockey Championships held in Prague and Ostrava, thus keeping the "world championship home ice curse" alive. The following year, however, the Czechs won gold at the 2005 tournament, the only world championship where, due to the 2004–05 NHL lockout, all NHL players were available to participate.

At the 2006 Winter Olympics, the Czechs won a bronze medal, defeating Russia 3–0 (roster) in the bronze medal game. At the 2006 Men's World Ice Hockey Championships, the Czechs earned silver, falling to Sweden in the final, the only time the Czechs have lost the final game of the tournament. The Czech Republic won the 2010 World Championships in Germany. For the first time in history, the Czech Republic did not qualify for the quarterfinals at the 2022 Winter Olympics and finished in ninth place, their lowest placement in history. However, they won a bronze medal at the 2022 IIHF World Championship later the same year, ending its longest medal drought in IIHF tournaments history, which had lasted since 2012. In 2023, the Czech Republic finished in eighth place at the World Championship, which is the worst placement in history.

The Czech Republic ice hockey team, simply known as "Czech Republic," is a powerhouse in international ice hockey. With a rich history and tradition in the sport, the team has consistently been a top contender in major tournaments such as the IIHF World Championships and the Winter Olympics.

Known for their skilled players, strong defensive play, and aggressive style of hockey, the Czech Republic team is always a force to be reckoned with on the ice. They have produced numerous NHL stars and have a loyal fan base that supports them both at home and abroad.

The team's iconic red, white, and blue jerseys proudly display the Czech flag and symbolize the country's pride and passion for the sport of ice hockey. With a winning mentality and a never-say-die attitude, the Czech Republic team continues to be a dominant force in the world of international ice hockey.