Austria Regionalliga Ost 02/25 14:00 17 SV Leobendorf vs FC Mauerwerk - View
Austria Regionalliga Ost 03/03 19:00 18 FC Mauerwerk vs ASK Elektra - View
Austria Regionalliga Ost 03/10 18:00 19 ASK/BSC Bruck Leitha vs FC Mauerwerk - View
Austria Regionalliga Ost 03/17 19:00 20 FC Mauerwerk vs ASV Siegendorf - View
Austria Regionalliga Ost 03/25 15:00 21 SC Wiener Viktoria vs FC Mauerwerk - View
Austria Regionalliga Ost 03/31 18:00 22 FC Mauerwerk vs FC Marchfeld Donauauen - View


Europe Friendlies 11/24 13:00 - SV Kapfenberg v FC Mauerwerk L 2-0
Austria Regionalliga Ost 11/12 13:00 16 [3] FC Mauerwerk v SR Donaufeld [6] W 2-1
Austria Regionalliga Ost 11/05 13:00 15 [3] FC Mauerwerk v FCM Traiskirchen [9] W 5-0
Austria Regionalliga Ost 10/29 13:00 14 [1] SV Stripfing/Weiden v FC Mauerwerk [3] L 4-0
Austria Regionalliga Ost 10/22 13:30 13 FC Mauerwerk v USV Scheiblingkirchen-Warth W 1-0
Austria Regionalliga Ost 10/14 17:00 12 [10] Neusiedl v FC Mauerwerk [4] W 1-2
Austria Regionalliga Ost 10/08 14:30 11 [4] FC Mauerwerk v Wiener Neustadt [16] L 1-2
Austria Regionalliga Ost 09/30 17:30 10 [4] Wiener Sportclub v FC Mauerwerk [3] L 2-0
Austria Regionalliga Ost 09/24 14:30 9 [3] FC Mauerwerk v Kremser SC [14] W 5-0
Austria Regionalliga Ost 09/16 17:00 8 [15] ASV Drassburg v FC Mauerwerk [3] W 1-2
Austria Regionalliga Ost 09/09 17:00 7 [5] FC Marchfeld Donauauen v FC Mauerwerk [4] W 1-2
Austria Regionalliga Ost 09/03 14:30 6 [5] FC Mauerwerk v SC Wiener Viktoria [10] D 2-2


Matches played 33 16 17
Wins 14 7 7
Draws 5 3 2
Losses 14 6 8
Goals for 51 29 22
Goals against 56 22 34
Clean sheets 6 5 1
Failed to score 9 3 6

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Fußballclub Mauerwerk is an Austrian association football club from the capital city of Vienna. From September 2014 to June 2018, the club played under the name FC Karabakh Wien. Currently playing in the Regionalliga Ost and plays their home games at the Rudolf-Tonn-Stadion in Schwechat.



Fußballclub Karabakh Wien was founded on August 2, 2014 and officially registered in 2014 in the Wien Football Association (WFV) and has obtained a license to compete in Oberliga A Wien. Oberliga is officially the 3rd player of the Wien Football Association and the 6th League of Austrian Football Association.


2014–15 season

In the 2014–15 season, Karabakh Wien has scored 55 points at the end of the season with 17 wins, 2 draws and 7 defeats from 26 games in Vienna at Oberliga A Wien and finished second behind Wiener SC II in a total of 14 clubs, and with that result did not get access to the 2. Landesliga Wien, so the club decided to buy the SC Kaiserebersdorf-Srbija to secure a place in the top league, moved to Kaiserebersdorf, and played the season 2015–16 in 2. Landesliga Wien. In the same season, the club took part in the Wien Cup and scored 5 consecutive victories. The results obtained for a newly established club have been highly appreciated by local experts.

2. Landesliga

2015–16 season

It started in the 2. Landesliga Wien, which is a major league than the 2014–15 season. The 2. Landesliga Wien is officially the 2nd league of the Wien Football Association, and the 5th league of the Austrian Football Association. Despite the fact that the board of directors played for the first time in this league before the main team, the main goal was simply a championship. Thus, Karabakh Wien won 30 wins in 2. Landesliga Wien, gaining 67 points as a result of 21 wins, 4 draws and 5 defeats and champions the 4 points ahead of the closest spectator in the league where 16 teams fought.

In the same season, the club has achieved great success, as well as parallel to the Wien Cup. In the Wien Cup, where 289 clubs from the Wien Football Association participated, our club rose to the finals and became the champion, winning a 2-0 win over the other finalist SV Gersthof at the Ernst-Happel-Stadion, where the Austrian national football team played home matches. Karabakh Wien has been the club for the first time in the history of 2. Landesliga Wien, winning the league and city trophy for the same season. The club has brought the U18 team to the third round of the season. So, in 2015–16, the Karabakh Wien played a historic season by printing 3 championships to Wien's asset.


2016–17 season

In the 2016–17 season Karabakh Wien will start fighting in the highest city league in the city of Vienna. The Wiener Stadtliga is the 1st League of the Vienna Football Association and the 4th League of Austrian Football Association, where the club will be fighting this season. The club, which is seriously preparing for the season, will first be in the match on August 19, 2016. Karabakh Wien, which will hold 30 matches in 16 stadiums throughout the stadium, will be featured by local experts as the main nominees for the championship title.

During the 2016-17 season Karabakh Wien met with the Austrian club Rapid Wien, July 8, 2016, the first time Rapid won the Austrian Cup as the state champion of Wien and the 8th of July, 2016. In spite of the history, budget, or power ratio between the two clubs, Karabakh Wien suffered a surprisingly fierce battle with the local community in Vienna and lost 3-1 to Rapid Wien.


2017–18 season

As master of the league of the viennese city, a rose in the regional league. Since September 2017, the football department has been transferred to FC Karabakh Wien GmbH. Since February 2018 leading the first team to play their home games at the Rudolf-Tonn-Stadion in Schwechat from.

Renamed to FC Mauerwerk

On 29 June 2018, it was announced that the previous Azerbaijani donors Orkhan Valiyev after the missed promotion to the new 2nd league and the club is taken over by the native Egyptian Mustafa Elnimr. Elnimr, who is already a sponsor of the Wiener Stadtliga club Mauerwerk Sport Admira, will not merge the two clubs but will continue Karabakh Wien as FC Mauerwerk. Masonry Sport will act as a satellite club of the FC Mauerwerk and introduce talents to the first team, because the club's goal is still the rise in the 2. Liga.