Germany Regionalliga Bayern 05/28 16:30 1 [15] Eintracht Bamberg v Buchbach [16] L 5-4
Germany Regionalliga Bayern 05/24 17:00 1 Buchbach v VfB Eichstätt W 5-3
Germany Regionalliga Bayern 05/18 12:00 34 [18] Buchbach v TSV Aubstadt [4] W 5-2
Germany Regionalliga Bayern 05/11 12:00 33 [4] FV Illertissen v Buchbach [18] W 1-2
Germany Regionalliga Bayern 05/03 17:00 32 [17] Buchbach v Bayern Munich II [6] D 1-1
Germany Regionalliga Bayern 04/28 13:00 31 [8] Augsburg II v Buchbach [17] L 3-0
Germany Regionalliga Bayern 04/24 17:00 15 [6] Bayern Munich II v Buchbach [17] D 0-0
Germany Regionalliga Bayern 04/19 17:00 30 [18] Buchbach v Memmingen [17] W 3-2
Germany Regionalliga Bayern 04/13 12:00 29 [2] DJK Vilzing v Buchbach [18] L 3-1
Germany Regionalliga Bayern 04/05 17:00 28 Buchbach v SV Schalding-Heining D 1-1
Germany Regionalliga Bayern 03/30 13:00 27 SpVgg Bayreuth v Buchbach W 0-2
Germany Regionalliga Bayern 03/22 18:00 26 [18] Buchbach v Nurnberg II [8] L 1-3


Matches played 41 21 20
Wins 10 8 2
Draws 9 6 3
Losses 22 7 15
Goals for 43 29 14
Goals against 66 25 41
Clean sheets 9 6 3
Failed to score 15 5 10

Wikipedia - TSV Buchbach

TSV Buchbach is a German association football club from the village of Buchbach, Bavaria. The team is part of a larger sports club that also has departments for curling, gymnastics, skiing, and tennis. The footballers are distinguished as former holders of the German record for the longest undefeated streak, a string of 75 matches from 19 August 1995 to 23 May 1998.


TSV was founded in 1913 as a gymnastics club. Football was soon introduced to the club by students who brought the game back from Munich. A football department was established within the association on 11 January 1930.

Following World War II, Buchbach played in local A-Class competition until slipping to B-Class play in 1960, where they would remain until returning to A ball in 1980. In the mid-1990s, with solid sponsorship in place, they began their record making unbeaten run. They advanced to play in the Landesliga Süd (V) in 2004 and a title win there in 2008 saw TSV promoted to the Bayernliga (V).

At the end of the 2011–12 season the club managed to finish in the top nine of the Bayernliga and thereby directly qualified for the new tier four Regionalliga Bayern.

In this league TSV finished sixth, fifth and fourth in the first three seasons in the league.

Germany soccer team "Buchbach" is a professional football club based in the town of Buchbach in Bavaria, Germany. The team competes in the Regionalliga Bayern, which is the fourth tier of the German football league system.

Founded in 1920, Buchbach has a rich history and a strong fan base that supports the team through thick and thin. The club's colors are blue and white, and they play their home matches at the Sportpark in Buchbach.

Buchbach has a talented squad of players who are known for their skill, determination, and teamwork on the field. The team has a reputation for playing attractive, attacking football and has achieved success in various regional and national competitions.

Overall, Germany soccer team "Buchbach" is a respected and competitive club that continues to strive for success and excellence in German football.