China NBL U21 07/13 06:00 - Shanxi Brave Dragons U21 vs Zhejiang Guangsha U21 - View


China NBL U21 07/12 06:00 - Tianjin Pioneers U21 v Zhejiang Guangsha U21 W 71-82
China NBL U21 07/11 12:30 - Zhejiang Lions U21 v Zhejiang Golden Bulls U21 L 66-85
China NBL U21 07/10 10:30 - Zhejiang Guangsha U21 v Shenzhen Leopards U21 W 69-66
China NBL U21 07/09 08:00 - Zhejiang Guangsha U21 v Henan Golden Elephants U21 W 81-62
China NBL U21 07/08 06:00 - Zhejiang Lions U21 v Nanjing Tongxi U21 W 84-66
China NBL U21 07/07 08:00 - Sichuan Whale U21 v Zhejiang Lions U21 L 111-108
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China NBL U21 05/31 12:00 - Zhejiang Lions U21 v Jiangsu Dragons U21 L 57-77
China NBL U21 05/30 07:30 - Zhejiang Lions U21 v Beijing Ducks U21 L 53-73
China NBL U21 05/29 12:00 - Xinjiang Flying Tigers U21 v Zhejiang Guangsha U21 L 84-57
China NBL U21 05/28 06:00 - Zhejiang Lions U21 v Tianjin Pioneers U21 W 79-70
China NBL U21 05/27 06:00 - Henan Golden Elephants U21 v Zhejiang Lions U21 L 95-78
Zhejiang Guangsha U21 is a professional basketball team based in Zhejiang, China. The team is part of the Zhejiang Guangsha Lions basketball club and competes in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) league. The U21 team is made up of talented young players who are developing their skills and gaining valuable experience in competitive basketball. Known for their fast-paced and dynamic style of play, Zhejiang Guangsha U21 is a rising force in Chinese basketball and is poised to make a significant impact in the league in the coming years. With a strong focus on player development and teamwork, the team is dedicated to achieving success both on and off the court.