Austria EHL 01/28 18:45 42 Val Pusteria vs HK Olimpija - View
Austria EHL 01/30 17:00 43 HK Olimpija vs Vienna Capitals - View
Austria EHL 02/01 18:45 44 HK Olimpija vs EC VSV - View
Austria EHL 02/03 18:15 45 Fehérvár AV19 vs HK Olimpija - View
Austria EHL 02/06 15:00 46 HCB Südtirol Alperia vs HK Olimpija - View
Austria EHL 02/15 18:45 47 HK Olimpija vs KAC Klagenfurt - View


Austria EHL 01/23 17:00 41 HC Bratislava v HK Olimpija - CANC
Austria EHL 01/21 18:45 40 [5] HK Olimpija Ljubljana v Vienna Capitals [6] W 5-4
Austria EHL 01/19 18:15 48 HC TWK Innsbruck v HK Olimpija Ljubljana L 5-1
Austria EHL 01/15 18:45 39 [6] HK Olimpija Ljubljana v EC Dornbirn Bulldogs [12] W 5-3
Austria EHL 01/14 18:15 38 [8] Graz 99ers v HK Olimpija Ljubljana [4] L 4-1
Austria EHL 01/09 17:00 37 HK Olimpija Ljubljana v Fehérvár AV19 - PPT.
Austria EHL 01/06 18:45 36 HK Olimpija Ljubljana v Val Pusteria - PPT.
Austria EHL 01/04 18:15 35 Salzburg v HK Olimpija Ljubljana - PPT.
Austria EHL 01/02 17:00 34 HK Olimpija Ljubljana v HCB Südtirol Alperia - PPT.
Austria EHL 12/30 18:45 33 [3] HK Olimpija Ljubljana v KAC Klagenfurt [7] L 1-5
Austria EHL 12/28 18:15 32 [9] EC VSV v HK Olimpija Ljubljana [2] L 4-2
Austria EHL 12/26 17:00 31 [11] Val Pusteria v HK Olimpija Ljubljana [2] L 3-2

Wikipedia - HK Olimpija

Hokejski klub Olimpija (English: Olimpija Hockey Club), currently named HK Slovenske železnice Olimpija due to sponsorship reasons, is an ice hockey club from Ljubljana, Slovenia. The club competes in the ICE Hockey League and the Slovenian League. Founded in 2004 as a farm team of HDD Olimpija, the club turned professional in 2017 after HDD Olimpija folded. Olimpija won the Slovenian League once, in 2019, and the Alps Hockey League twice, in 2019 and 2021. Olimpija play their home games at Tivoli Hall.


HK Olimpija was founded in 2004 with the primary task of educating young players and promoting ice hockey in Ljubljana and its surroundings.

The history of ice hockey in Ljubljana dates back to 1928, when SK Ilirija was founded. In 1932, they played the first official ice hockey match in Slovenia. The club changed its name several times before becoming Olimpija in 1962. HDD Olimpija was dissolved in 2017. After the dissolution, HK Olimpija reassembled the professional team.

In addition to the men's professional team, the club also has a women's squad. Since the 2016–17 season, they have won five consecutive national titles.

Early years (2004–2017)

Initially, the club focused on developing young players. As a farm team of HDD Olimpija, they played in the Slovenian League for several seasons, finishing third as their best result in the 2010–11 season.

Successes with a professional team (2017–2021)

In the 2017–18 season, the newly established professional team played its inaugural season in the Alps Hockey League and finished as runners-up in the Slovenian League and the Slovenian Cup. In 2018–19, Olimpija won the "treble" after winning all three competitions in which they participated: the Alps Hockey League, the Slovenian League and the Slovenian Cup. The following season they won the Cup again, while the other two competitions were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the 2020–21 season, Olimpija defended the AHL title and became the first club to win the competition multiple times. However, they failed to defend the national title, narrowly losing 3–2 in the final against their rivals HDD Jesenice.

Return of ICE Hockey League to Ljubljana (2021–present)

In the 2021–22 season, Olimpija joined the international ICE Hockey League, where HDD Olimpija previously played until 2017.