Czech Republic ULLH 03/25 18:30 - Black Dogs Budweis v UK Praha W 4-5
Czech Republic ULLH 02/26 18:00 - Riders Univerzita Pardubice v UK Praha W 1-4
Czech Republic ULLH 11/22 18:45 - UK Praha v Academics Pilsen W 5-2
Czech Republic ULLH 11/14 17:30 - UK Praha v Riders Univerzita Pardubice W 7-5
Czech Republic ULLH 03/29 17:45 - Prague Engineers v UK Praha L 6-4
Czech Republic ULLH 03/17 18:45 - UK Praha v Prague Engineers W 7-4
Czech Republic ULLH 03/15 19:00 - Prague Engineers v UK Praha L 3-1
Czech Republic ULLH 03/10 19:15 - UK Praha v HC MUNI W 5-3
Czech Republic ULLH 02/07 16:00 - UK Praha v Prague Engineers L 0-5
Czech Republic ULLH 02/01 19:00 - Cavaliers Brno v UK Praha W 1-8
Czech Republic ULLH 01/29 11:00 - UK Praha v Black Dogs Budweis L 2-5
Czech Republic ULLH 11/12 11:00 - UK Praha v Cavaliers Brno D 3-3
UK Praha is an ice hockey team based in Prague, Czech Republic. The team was founded in 1909 and has a rich history in Czech ice hockey. UK Praha has won the Czechoslovakian championship 12 times and the Czech championship 4 times. The team plays their home games at the Zimní stadion Eden arena, which has a capacity of 8,000 spectators. The team's colors are blue and white, and their logo features a lion holding a hockey stick. UK Praha has a strong fan base and is known for their passionate supporters who create a lively atmosphere at their games. The team has a roster of talented players from the Czech Republic and other countries, and they compete in the Czech Extraliga, the top professional ice hockey league in the Czech Republic. Overall, UK Praha is a respected and successful ice hockey team with a long-standing tradition in Czech ice hockey.