Iran Super League 04/27 12:30 2 Zobahan Esfahan vs Tabiat - View
Iran Super League 04/29 12:30 2 Zobahan Esfahan vs Tabiat - View


Iran Super League 04/15 12:30 3 [7] Kalleh Mazandaran v Zobahan Esfahan [2] W 85-100
Iran Super League 04/13 12:30 3 [7] Kalleh Mazandaran v Zobahan Esfahan [2] L 105-80
Iran Super League 04/09 16:00 3 [2] Zobahan Esfahan v Kouchin Amol [7] W 80-57
Iran Super League 04/07 16:00 3 [2] Zob Ahan v Kalleh Mazandaran [7] W 90-82
Iran Super League 03/11 12:30 22 [2] Zobahan Esfahan v Limondis [9] L 89-91
Iran Super League 03/07 12:00 21 [6] Palayesh Naft Abadan v Zob Ahan [2] W 74-81
Iran Super League 03/03 12:30 20 Zob Ahan v Tabiat L 71-82
Iran Super League 02/12 12:30 19 [5] Mahram Tehran v Zobahan Esfahan [2] L 80-79
Iran Super League 02/04 12:30 18 Zobahan Esfahan v Averta Sari W 90-71
Iran Super League 01/30 12:30 17 [7] Kalleh Mazandaran v Zobahan Esfahan [2] L 88-69
Iran Super League 01/22 12:30 16 [2] Zobahan Esfahan v Foolad Hormozgan [11] W 72-69
Iran Super League 01/18 12:30 15 [8] Mes Kerman v Zobahan Esfahan [2] W 68-71

Wikipedia - Zob Ahan Isfahan BC

Zob Ahan Basketball Club (Persian: باشگاه بسکتبال ذوب‌آهن اصفهان, Bashgah-e Beskâtbal-e Zubâhen Esfehan) is an Iranian professional basketball club based in Isfahan, Iran. They compete in the Iranian Basketball Super League. Zob Ahan has won a record seven Iranian Super League championships.

It is sponsored by the Isfahan Steel Company, which also goes by the name Zob Ahan. Zob Ahan basketball team is the basketball club of the multisport Zob Ahan Cultural and Sport Club.

Zobahan Esfahan is a professional basketball team based in the city of Esfahan, Iran. The team was founded in 2003 and has since become one of the most successful basketball teams in the country. Zobahan Esfahan competes in the Iranian Basketball Super League, which is the top-tier professional basketball league in Iran.

The team is known for its strong defense and disciplined play, which has helped them win numerous championships over the years. Zobahan Esfahan has a talented roster of players, including some of the best Iranian basketball players in the country. The team is led by head coach Mehran Hatami, who has been with the team since 2018.

Zobahan Esfahan plays its home games at the Azadi Sports Complex, which has a seating capacity of over 12,000 spectators. The team has a strong fan base in Esfahan and throughout Iran, and their games are always well-attended.

Overall, Zobahan Esfahan is a highly respected basketball team in Iran, known for their strong play and commitment to excellence. They are a team to watch in the Iranian Basketball Super League and are sure to continue to be a force in Iranian basketball for years to come.