Hungary NB1 05/29 16:00 1 Pick Szeged vs Veszprem - View


Hungary NB1 05/24 18:00 1 [1] Veszprem v Pick Szeged [2] W 35-28
Hungary Cup 05/19 16:00 1 Pick Szeged v Veszprem W 30-33
Hungary Cup 05/18 16:00 2 Veszprem v Dabas W 38-27
Hungary NB1 05/15 16:00 - [14] Veszprem-Felsoors v Veszprem [1] W 34-46
Hungary NB1 05/04 16:00 - [10] Komlo v Veszprem [1] W 28-43
Champions League 05/01 16:45 3 [2] Aalborg Handbold v Veszprem [3] L 33-28
Champions League 04/25 16:45 3 [3] Veszprem v Aalborg Handbold [2] W 32-31
Hungary NB1 04/19 18:00 - [1] Veszprem v Pick Szeged [2] W 36-27
Hungary NB1 04/15 16:00 - [1] Veszprem v Balatonfuredi KSE [9] W 33-20
Hungary NB1 04/13 16:00 - [4] Ferencvaros v Veszprem [1] W 31-40
Hungary NB1 04/06 15:00 - [5] Budakalász v Veszprem [1] W 30-43
Champions League 04/04 16:45 636 [3] Veszprem v Pick Szeged [6] W 39-32

Wikipedia - Veszprém KC

Veszprém KC is a Hungarian professional handball club from Veszprém, that for sponsorship reasons is called Telekom Veszprém. Veszprém plays in the Hungarian Nemzeti Bajnokság I and are the most successful team in the country, having won the Hungarian Championship a record 27 times and the Hungarian Cup title a record 30 times. Veszprém has also won the regional SEHA League 4 times.

Veszprém are one of the three Hungarian clubs that have won a major European trophy, most recently in 2008, when they overcame Rhein-Neckar Löwen and were crowned as the EHF Cup Winner's Cup champions. They are yet to win the EHF Champions League, having been defeated in the final on four occasions.

The main sponsors of the club were the MKB Bank and the MVM Group. In the summer of 2015, the MKB Bank decided to quit sponsoring after a 10-year interval. Their main focus is now on the younger teams. Currently the main sponsor is Magyar Telekom.


In Veszprém there was a long tradition of handball, and in 1970 the Bakony Chemist TC women's team won the first championship among the rural ensembles. The sports club was founded in 1977 under the wing of the Veszprém County State Construction Company (VÁÉV) under the name Of Veszprém Builders, after a political decision was taken in the city, which urged the men's division of BVTC, which had been relegated from NB II, to be taken over by the VÁÉV.

In 1981, under the executive direction of Csaba Hajnal, the new team was promoted to the first division, where it finished each season with a medal; In the first season, he won a silver medal. Over the next three years, they won one silver and two bronze medals in the championship, two silver medals and one gold medal. In 1985 and 1986, the team won the championship.

Over the next four years, the team won only four silver medals (three times at the Rába ETO, 1990–1992 Bramac, Fotex until 2005, MKB until 2015, MVM until 2016, Telekom-backed team since 2016: since 1992, 23 seasons, 20 championship gold and 3 silver medals have been awarded to Veszprém. (Meanwhile, between May 2008 and October 2011, they did not lose a single league game.)

After the success in 1984, 3 Győr victories came, and from 1988 onwards, 19 cup victories in 24 years were added to the list of glory, the brightest result being four KEK finals (2 wins and 2 silver medals) and four EHF Champions League 2nd place.

Since July 2008, Veszprém Aréna has been the home ground for Telekom Veszprém, previously playing their matches in the 15th street hall.

In April 2020, fans voted for the All Star team in club history, which includes Árpád Sterbik, Gergő Iváncsik, Carlos Pérez, József Éles, László Nagy, Mirza Džomba and Andreas Nilsson.

Veszprem is a professional handball team based in Hungary, known for their strong presence in both domestic and international competitions. The team is based in the city of Veszprem and has a rich history of success in the sport.

Veszprem is known for their skilled players, strategic gameplay, and passionate fan base. They have consistently been a top contender in the Hungarian handball league and have also made a name for themselves in European competitions.

The team's colors are red and blue, and their logo features a fierce lion symbolizing strength and determination. Veszprem's home matches are played at the Veszprem Arena, a state-of-the-art facility that provides an electric atmosphere for fans and players alike.

Overall, Veszprem is a powerhouse in the world of handball, with a reputation for excellence and a commitment to success on and off the court.