International Match 06/08 11:00 - Romania vs Liechtenstein - View
UEFA Nations League D 09/05 18:45 1 San Marino vs Liechtenstein - View
UEFA Nations League D 09/10 18:45 2 Gibraltar vs Liechtenstein - View
UEFA Nations League D 10/13 16:00 4 Liechtenstein vs Gibraltar - View
UEFA Nations League D 11/18 19:45 6 Liechtenstein vs San Marino - View


International Match 03/26 17:00 - Latvia v Liechtenstein D 1-1
International Match 03/22 17:00 - Liechtenstein v Faroe Islands L 0-4
Euro 2024 Qualifying 11/19 19:45 10 [6] Liechtenstein v Luxembourg [3] L 0-1
Euro 2024 Qualifying 11/16 19:45 9 [6] Liechtenstein v Portugal [1] L 0-2
Euro 2024 Qualifying 10/16 18:45 8 [5] Iceland v Liechtenstein [6] L 4-0
Euro 2024 Qualifying 10/13 18:45 7 [6] Liechtenstein v Bosnia-Herzegovina [4] L 0-2
Euro 2024 Qualifying 09/11 18:45 6 [2] Slovakia v Liechtenstein [6] L 3-0
Euro 2024 Qualifying 09/08 18:45 5 [4] Bosnia-Herzegovina v Liechtenstein [6] L 2-1
Euro 2024 Qualifying 06/20 18:45 4 [6] Liechtenstein v Slovakia [2] L 0-1
Euro 2024 Qualifying 06/17 13:00 3 [5] Luxembourg v Liechtenstein [6] L 2-0
Euro 2024 Qualifying 03/26 16:00 2 [6] Liechtenstein v Iceland [5] L 0-7
Euro 2024 Qualifying 03/23 19:45 1 Portugal v Liechtenstein L 4-0


Matches played 10 5 5
Wins 0 0 0
Draws 1 0 1
Losses 9 5 4
Goals for 2 0 2
Goals against 22 10 12
Clean sheets 0 0 0
Failed to score 8 5 3

The Liechtenstein national football team (German: Liechtensteinische Fussballnationalmannschaft) is the national football team of the Principality of Liechtenstein and is controlled by the Liechtenstein Football Association. The organisation is known as the Liechtensteiner Fussballverband in German. The team's first match was an unofficial match against Malta in Seoul, a 1–1 draw in 1981. Their first official match came two years later, a 0–1 defeat from Switzerland. Liechtenstein's largest win, a 4–0 win over Luxembourg in a 2006 FIFA World Cup qualifier on 13 October 2004, was both its first ever away win and its first win in any FIFA World Cup qualifier. Conversely, Liechtenstein is the only country that lost an official match against San Marino, albeit in a friendly match. Liechtenstein suffered its biggest ever loss in 1996, during qualification for the 1998 FIFA World Cup, losing 1–11 to Macedonia (now North Macedonia), the result also being Macedonia's largest ever win to date. The team's head coach is currently Konrad Fünfstück.


Liechtenstein are only a relatively recent affiliate to FIFA, and did not participate in any qualifying series until the UEFA Euro 1996 qualifiers. There they managed to surprise the Republic of Ireland by holding them to a 0–0 draw on 3 June 1995. On 14 October 1998, they managed their first victory in a qualifying campaign after winning 2–1 against Azerbaijan in a Euro 2000 qualifying match.

Since then, the presence of Liechtenstein clubs in the Swiss league system and of a handful of professional players (most notably Mario Frick) has seen the side's competitiveness improve slightly. The Euro 2004 qualifiers saw Liechtenstein improve to the extent they restricted England to 2–0 wins. Also at this time Liechtenstein lost 1–0 against San Marino, considered to be the weakest national team. As of 2023, it is San Marino's most recent (and only) victory. The 2006 World Cup qualifiers, however, brought even better results as two wins over Luxembourg and draws against both Slovakia and Portugal meant that Liechtenstein finished with 8 points.

In the Euro 2008 qualifiers, Liechtenstein beat Latvia through a solitary goal from Mario Frick. The result caused the Latvian manager to resign after the match. They repeated their heroics against Iceland managing to beat them 3–0 on 17 October 2007 for their second qualifying group win. On the 26 March 2008 Liechtenstein had an embarrassing 7–1 loss to fellow small nation in Europe, Malta. This was recorded as Malta's largest win.

The Liechtensteiner Fussballverbund voted Rainer Hasler to be their "Golden Player" — their best player over the last 50 years — to mark UEFA's golden jubilee.

In the 2010 World Cup qualifiers, Liechtenstein secured a scoreless draw against Azerbaijan and a 1–1 draw against Finland, finishing bottom of Group 4 on two points.

In the Euro 2012 qualifiers, Liechtenstein were narrowly beaten 2–1 by Scotland in Hampden Park thanks to a goal by Stephen McManus in the seventh minute of additional time. They produced a shock 2–0 win at home against Lithuania; their goals were scored by Philippe Erne and Michele Polverino. In the following qualifying game, they managed a scoreless draw away to Lithuania.

In 2018, Liechtenstein entered the first ever UEFA Nations League, in group 4 of league D. Their first Nations League match saw Armenia beat them 2–1 away. Liechtenstein were able to claim their first Nations League victory, beating Gibraltar 2–0.

The Liechtenstein national soccer team, simply known as "Liechtenstein," represents the small European principality of Liechtenstein in international soccer competitions. Despite being one of the smallest countries in the world, Liechtenstein has a passionate soccer following and competes in various tournaments such as the UEFA European Championship and FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

The team is known for their hard work, determination, and team spirit on the field. While they may not always achieve the same level of success as larger nations, Liechtenstein consistently puts up a strong fight against their opponents and has earned respect for their resilience.

Liechtenstein's national team is made up of talented players who play both domestically and abroad, and they are led by a dedicated coaching staff. The team's colors are red and blue, reflecting the national flag of Liechtenstein.

Overall, Liechtenstein's soccer team may be small in size, but they play with big hearts and continue to strive for success on the international stage.