Hungary NB 1.A 05/18 16:00 1 [6] Kaposvari v SZTE-Szedeak [3] W 88-95
Hungary NB 1.A 05/15 16:00 1 [1] OSE Lions v SZTE-Szedeak [4] L 108-78
Hungary NB 1.A 05/11 16:00 1 [5] KTE-Duna v SZTE-Szedeak [3] W 83-85
Hungary NB 1.A 05/08 16:00 1 [4] SZTE-Szedeak v Kormend [2] W 98-69
Hungary NB 1.A 05/04 16:00 1 [3] Atomeromu v SZTE-Szedeak [4] L 112-108
Hungary NB 1.A 04/27 16:00 1 [4] SZTE-Szedeak v Kaposvari [6] L 89-94
Hungary NB 1.A 04/24 16:00 1 [4] SZTE-Szedeak v OSE Lions [1] W 98-78
Hungary NB 1.A 04/20 16:00 1 [5] SZTE-Szedeak v KTE-Duna [4] W 105-98
Hungary NB 1.A 04/17 16:00 1 [2] Kormend v SZTE-Szedeak [4] L 104-96
Hungary NB 1.A 04/13 16:00 1 SZTE-Szedeak v Atomeromu L 81-96
Hungary Cup 04/07 18:00 1 SZTE-Szedeak v Szolnoki Olaj L 80-96
Hungary Cup 04/06 15:00 2 Falco Szombathely v SZTE-Szedeak W 87-96

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SZTE-Szedeák, also known as simply Szedeák, is a professional basketball club from Szeged, Hungary. SZTE is an abbreviation of Szegedi Tudományegyetem, the Hungarian name for the University of Szeged. Since the 2010–11 season, Szedeák competes in top Nemzeti Bajnokság I/A (NB I/A).


In 2002, Szedeák was playing in the NB I/B, the national second tier division. However, after the season, the men's team was forced to withdraw from the league which meant only youth teams remained. In 2006, Péter Kardos took over the management of the club and made the team return to Hungary's second tier league. In 2010, the club promoted to the NB I/A, the national top league. In 2014, Szedeák entered the national championship playoffs for the first time, losing 0–3 to Szolnoki Olaj.

In the 2020–21 season, Szedeák finished third in the NB I/A under head coach Srećko Sekulović, the best performance in club history.

In the 2021–22 season, Szedeák entered the qualifying rounds of the FIBA Europe Cup, marking the club's debut in Europe.

SZTE-Szedeak is a professional basketball team based in Szeged, Hungary. The team competes in the Hungarian Basketball League and has a strong reputation for producing talented players and competitive performances.

SZTE-Szedeak has a rich history in Hungarian basketball, with a dedicated fan base and a commitment to developing young talent. The team's players are known for their skill, teamwork, and determination on the court.

SZTE-Szedeak's home games are played at the Szeged Sportcentrum, where fans come out in full force to support their team. The atmosphere at these games is electric, with fans cheering on their favorite players and celebrating each victory.

Overall, SZTE-Szedeak is a respected and competitive team in the Hungarian Basketball League, known for their strong work ethic and passion for the game.