Poland Plus Liga 12/05 14:45 10 PGE Skra Belchatów vs Slepsk Suwalki - View
Poland Plus Liga 12/09 13:45 11 Slepsk Suwalki vs Warta Zawiercie - View
Poland Plus Liga 12/16 17:00 12 Jastrzebski Wegiel vs Slepsk Suwalki - View
Poland Plus Liga 12/22 17:00 13 Slepsk Suwalki vs Kedzierzyn Kozle - View
Poland Plus Liga 01/03 17:00 14 Stal Nysa vs Slepsk Suwalki - View
Poland Plus Liga 01/06 18:00 15 Slepsk Suwalki vs AZS Olsztyn - View


Poland Plus Liga 12/02 16:30 9 [2] Projekt Warszawa v Slepsk Suwalki [10] L 3-0
Poland Plus Liga 11/24 16:30 8 [9] Slepsk Suwalki v Trefl Gdansk [3] L 0-3
Poland Plus Liga 11/20 19:30 7 [7] LUK Lublin v Slepsk Suwalki [9] L 3-0
Poland Plus Liga 11/16 17:30 6 [8] Slepsk Suwalki v Cuprum Lubin [12] L 0-3
Poland Plus Liga 11/12 19:30 5 [14] Barkom Kazhany v Slepsk Suwalki [5] L 3-1
Poland Plus Liga 11/05 13:45 4 [6] Slepsk Suwalki v Czarni Radom [15] W 3-0
Poland Plus Liga 10/30 16:30 3 [16] GKS Katowice v Slepsk Suwalki [9] W 0-3
Poland Plus Liga 10/26 14:00 2 [7] Slepsk Suwalki v Resovia Rzeszow [13] L 0-3
Poland Plus Liga 10/23 15:30 1 Hemarpol Norwid Czestochowa v Slepsk Suwalki W 1-3
Club Friendlies 09/08 17:00 - BAS Bialystok v Slepsk Suwalki L 3-2
Poland Plus Liga 04/18 18:30 33 [9] LUK Lublin v Slepsk Suwalki [10] W 0-3
Poland Plus Liga 04/16 15:30 33 [10] Slepsk Suwalki v LUK Lublin [9] W 3-1

Wikipedia - Ślepsk Suwałki

MKS Ślepsk Suwałki, officially known for sponsorship reasons as Ślepsk Malow Suwałki, is a professional men's volleyball club based in Suwałki in northeastern Poland. Initially, the club was founded in 2004 in Augustów and moved to Suwałki in 2009. The club was promoted to the highest level of the Polish Volleyball League in 2019.

Slepsk Suwalki is a professional volleyball team based in Suwalki, Poland. The team was founded in 1946 and has a rich history of success in the Polish volleyball league. The team's colors are blue and white, and they play their home games at the Suwalki Arena.

Slepsk Suwalki has a strong roster of talented players, including experienced veterans and promising young talent. The team is known for their aggressive style of play, with a focus on powerful serves and spikes. They are also known for their strong defense, with skilled blockers and diggers who can shut down opposing teams.

Off the court, Slepsk Suwalki is a respected member of the Polish volleyball community, with a commitment to promoting the sport and supporting local youth programs. The team has a loyal fan base, who come out in force to cheer on their favorite players at every game.

Overall, Slepsk Suwalki is a dynamic and exciting team that is always a force to be reckoned with on the court. With their combination of skill, athleticism, and teamwork, they are sure to continue making waves in the Polish volleyball league for years to come.