Turkey EBBL 06/12 10:00 - Trabzonspor v Gocekspor W 77-54
Turkey EBBL 06/11 10:00 - UNSPED Spor v Trabzonspor W 50-58
Turkey EBBL 06/10 12:30 - Trabzonspor v Bossan Izmir W 88-54
Turkey EBBL 04/24 13:30 - ABB EgoSpor v Trabzonspor L 76-69
Turkey EBBL 04/21 12:00 - Trabzonspor v Corum Belediyesi W 110-44
Turkey EBBL 04/06 12:00 - Trabzonspor v Ilic Erzincan W 137-28
Turkey BSL 05/13 12:00 30 [13] Trabzonspor v Usak [16] L 76-91
Turkey BSL 05/10 17:30 29 [2] Tofas v Trabzonspor [13] L 103-63
Turkey BSL 05/05 17:15 28 [15] Trabzonspor v Yelsigiresun BLD [14] W 100-95
Turkey BSL 04/29 10:00 27 [13] Trabzonspor v Darussafaka [6] L 82-104
Turkey BSL 04/22 16:30 26 [15] Buyukcekmece v Trabzonspor [13] L 81-76
Turkey BSL 04/14 12:15 25 [13] Trabzonspor v Eskisehir [8] L 73-86

Wikipedia - Trabzonspor B.K.

Trabzonspor Basketbol Kulübü (transl. Trabzonspor Basketball Club), also known as Trabzonspor Basket or Trabzonspor, was a professional basketball club based in the city of Trabzon, Turkey. It was a department of the multi-sport club of Trabzonspor. Trabzonspor played seven seasons in the Basketbol Süper Ligi, the highest tier in Turkey. The club withdrew in 2018 due to financial problems.

Their home arena was the Hayri Gür Arena, which has a capacity of 7,500 seats, and was opened in 2011.


Trabzonspor's football club was founded in 1967, and it opened its basketball section in 2008. After Alpella's relegation in the 2007–08 season, Trabzonspor's board purchased all of the rights related to the team from the Ülker Group, and took their place in the Turkish Second Division for the 2008–09 season.

Trabzonspor promoted to the top-tier TBL (now called BSL), after they won the championship of the Turkish Division in the 2009–10 season.

In the 2014–15 season, Trabzonspor made its European debut in the EuroChallenge. The club managed to reach the Final Four which was played in its home arena Hayri Gür Arena. In the semi-final, Trabzonspor beat Romanian side Energia by a wide margin, 63–83. In the final, the team narrowly lost to JSF Nanterre from France with a score of 63–64. Nanterre scored a buzzer-beater which costed Trabzon its first European title.

In 2015, Trabzonspor played in the EuroCup Basketball competition, Europe's second tier. Here, it was eliminated in the Round of 32.

On 2 October 2018, Trabzonspor announced its withdrawal from the BSL due to financial problems. Eventually, the club ceased its basketball activities.

Trabzonspor is a professional basketball team based in Trabzon, Turkey. The team competes in the Turkish Basketball Super League, which is the top tier of basketball in Turkey. Trabzonspor has a rich history and a passionate fan base that supports them at every game.

The team is known for its competitive spirit and strong work ethic on the court. They have a talented roster of players who are skilled in both offense and defense, making them a formidable opponent for any team they face. Trabzonspor has a reputation for playing an exciting and fast-paced style of basketball, which keeps fans on the edge of their seats.

Off the court, Trabzonspor is also involved in various community initiatives and charitable events, showing their commitment to giving back to the city of Trabzon and its residents. Overall, Trabzonspor is a respected and successful basketball team that continues to make a name for itself in the Turkish basketball scene.