Austria EHL 01/18 17:30 40 Graz vs Fehérvár AV19 - View
Austria EHL 01/25 17:30 41 Fehérvár AV19 vs HC Orli Znojmo - View
Austria EHL 01/28 18:15 39 Fehérvár AV19 vs HCB Südtirol Alperia - View
Austria EHL 01/30 16:30 43 Fehérvár AV19 vs KAC Klagenfurt - View
Austria EHL 02/03 18:15 45 Fehérvár AV19 vs HK Olimpija - View
Austria EHL 02/06 16:30 46 EC VSV vs Fehérvár AV19 - View


Austria EHL 01/16 16:30 42 Fehérvár AV19 v HCB Südtirol Alperia - PPT.
Austria EHL 01/14 18:15 38 [2] Fehérvár AV19 v HC TWK Innsbruck [11] L 3-5
Austria EHL 01/12 18:15 19 [11] HC TWK Innsbruck v Fehérvár AV19 [3] W 0-4
Austria EHL 01/09 17:00 37 HK Olimpija Ljubljana v Fehérvár AV19 - PPT.
Austria EHL 01/06 17:00 36 Fehérvár AV19 v HC Bratislava - CANC
Austria EHL 01/04 18:15 35 Graz 99ers v Fehérvár AV19 - PPT.
Austria EHL 01/02 16:30 34 HC Orli Znojmo v Fehérvár AV19 - PPT.
Austria EHL 01/02 16:30 32 HC Bratislava v Fehérvár AV19 - CANC
Austria EHL 12/30 18:15 33 [5] Fehérvár AV19 v Vienna Capitals [2] W 3-1
Austria EHL 12/26 16:30 31 [10] HC Orli Znojmo v Fehérvár AV19 [3] L 6-3
Austria EHL 12/21 18:15 30 [4] Fehérvár AV19 v Vienna Capitals [3] W 3-2
Austria EHL 12/18 18:15 29 [1] Salzburg v Fehérvár AV19 [4] L 8-2

Wikipedia - Fehérvár AV19

Hydro Fehérvár AV19 is a Hungarian ice hockey team that plays in the Austrian bet-at-home ICE Hockey League. They were founded in 1960 and played from 1978 in the Hungarian Országos Bajnokság I through sorts of affiliations until 2012, claiming the Championship on 13 occasions. They play their home games at Ifjabb Ocskay Gábor Ice Hall in Székesfehérvár. In 2009, the club was renamed after the main sponsor Sapa Profiles Kft Hungary, the Hungarian subsidiary of a Swedish aluminum group. The club did not have a main naming sponsor for a couple of years before 2019, however, in 2019 Hydro Extrusion Hungary Kft, the Hungarian subsidiary of the Norwegian company became the new naming sponsor, thus naming the club Hydro Fehérvár AV19.


Székesfehérvári Volán Sports Club was founded in 1960. In 1964–65, the team started playing in outdoor rinks and 10 years later the hockey department came together with the intention of having a professional team. In 1977, the opening of a rink started a new chapter in the history of Hungarian hockey and Volan. At this point, only Budapest and Dunaújváros had suitable structure for hockey. They played their first season in the Hungarian championships in 1977–78, and three years later on the back of Budapest VSC folding and the Sports club benefiting from an influx of BVSC players captured their first Hungarian championship in 1981, becoming the first provincial team to do so.

At the turn of the millennium, Alba Volán-FeVita rose to prominence to become the top team in the nation. This culminated in the series of 10 consecutive championship titles of the Hungarian league from 2003. This turn of domination persuaded the club seek application into the Austrian League for stronger competition. This happened against the background, to better expose the players of the national team in the A-group level. In their first EBEL season in 2007–08, Alba Volánbusz experienced to skill level difference and finished in last place, this was offset however, by the successful Hungarian national team inclusion at the 2008 IIHF World Championships after seventy years back promotion to the highest international division.

Fehérvár AV19' still competed in the Hungarian Championship at first, with the club sourcing a farm team SAPA AV19 Székesfehérvár II in the Championship or the MOL Liga. However after many years of struggling to field a competitive team in 2012 they were unable to participate in the Hungarian Championship, as they were required to enter their second team in the Erste Bank Junior League. They did not directly inform the Hungarian Ice Hockey Federation of their decision. This led to angst, however, the club still participated in the Hungarian Cup.