Portugal Premier League 01/06 17:00 12 Leoes Porto Salvo vs Belenenses - View
Portugal Premier League 01/13 17:00 13 Belenenses vs AD Fundao - View
Portugal Premier League 02/10 17:00 14 Braga vs Belenenses - View
Portugal Premier League 02/17 17:00 15 Belenenses vs Electrico FC - View
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Portugal Premier League 12/09 15:00 11 Ferreira do Zezere v Belenenses L 4-2
Portugal Premier League 12/01 21:30 10 Belenenses v Torreense L 1-3
Portugal Premier League 11/20 21:00 9 Quinta dos Lombos v Belenenses W 1-3
Portugal Premier League 11/18 17:00 9 Quinta dos Lombos v Belenenses - PPT.
Portugal Premier League 11/12 16:00 8 Candoso/Natcal v Belenenses W 1-8
Portugal Premier League 11/09 20:30 6 SL Benfica v Belenenses L 10-1
Portugal Premier League 11/04 15:00 7 Belenenses v Sporting CP L 1-5
Portugal Premier League 10/28 16:00 6 SL Benfica v Belenenses - PPT.
Portugal Premier League 10/21 17:00 5 Belenenses v ADCR Caxinas D 1-1
Portugal Premier League 10/14 16:30 4 Electrico FC v Belenenses W 2-4
Portugal Premier League 09/30 18:00 3 Belenenses v Braga L 3-6
Portugal Premier League 09/23 16:30 2 AD Fundao v Belenenses L 4-2

Clube Futebol Os Belenenses is an amateur futsal team based in Lisbon, Portugal. It plays in Liga Placard .

Their nickname comes from the fact that in their first two seasons they won two trophies (Campeonato Nacional da 3ª Divisão and Campeonato Nacional da 2ª Divisão). In 2009-10 they win their most important title, the Taça de Portugal de Futsal for the first time, beating Benfica in the final. Benfica scored first, but Diego Sol equalized in the second half, Marcelinho in the final seconds of Extra time scored the decisive goal. Notable players included Marcão, Diego Sol, Pedro Cary, Paulinho and Marcelinho.

More recently, Belenenes encountered some financial problems, including a request for insolvency after unpaid salaries to former futsal player Formiga and a pledge of the clubs trophies for unpaid construction work done to Estádio do Restelo. Belenenses was relegated in 2011/2012 after a play-out.

Belenenses is a futsal team based in Lisbon, Portugal. The team was founded in 1919 and has a rich history in Portuguese futsal. Belenenses is known for its strong and talented players, as well as its passionate fan base.

The team's colors are blue and white, which are proudly displayed on their jerseys. Belenenses plays its home matches at the Pavilhão Acácio Rosa, a modern and well-equipped arena that can accommodate a large number of spectators.

Belenenses has a reputation for playing an attacking and fast-paced style of futsal. The team's players are known for their technical skills, agility, and tactical awareness. They are well-coached and have a strong team spirit, which is evident in their performances on the court.

Over the years, Belenenses has achieved numerous successes in Portuguese futsal. The team has won several national championships and has consistently been a top contender in domestic competitions. Belenenses has also represented Portugal in international futsal tournaments, showcasing their talent and competitiveness on a global stage.

The club has a strong youth development program, which focuses on nurturing young talents and preparing them for the senior team. This commitment to developing homegrown players has resulted in a steady stream of talented individuals who have gone on to represent both Belenenses and the Portuguese national team.

Off the court, Belenenses is actively involved in the local community. The team organizes various initiatives and events to promote futsal and engage with fans. Belenenses also has a strong social media presence, keeping supporters updated on the latest news, match results, and player updates.

Overall, Belenenses is a respected and successful futsal team in Portugal. With a rich history, talented players, and passionate fan base, the team continues to make its mark in the world of futsal.