Hungary NB1 05/15 16:00 - [9] Balatonfuredi KSE v PLER Budapest [12] W 30-28
Hungary NB1 05/04 12:45 - Tatabanya v Balatonfuredi KSE L 31-23
Hungary NB1 04/27 16:00 - [9] Balatonfuredi KSE v Csurgoi KK [5] W 25-22
Hungary NB1 04/20 16:00 - [9] Balatonfuredi KSE v Gyongyos [7] L 24-26
Hungary NB1 04/15 16:00 - [1] Veszprem v Balatonfuredi KSE [9] L 33-20
Hungary NB1 04/06 16:00 - [14] Veszprem-Felsoors v Balatonfuredi KSE [9] W 28-30
Hungary NB1 03/30 17:00 - [7] Balatonfuredi KSE v Komlo [10] L 29-30
Hungary NB1 03/27 17:00 - [4] FTC v Balatonfuredi KSE [9] D 30-30
Hungary NB1 03/24 17:00 - Ferencvaros v Balatonfuredi KSE - PPT.
Hungary NB1 03/02 17:00 - [8] Balatonfuredi KSE v Pick Szeged [2] L 31-37
Hungary NB1 02/24 16:00 - BSC Budakalasz v Balatonfuredi KSE L 27-21
Hungary NB1 02/17 17:00 - [7] Balatonfuredi KSE v NEKA [10] W 28-24

Wikipedia - Balatonfüredi KSE

Balatonfüredi Kézilabda Sport Egyesület is a Hungarian team handball club from Balatonfüred, that currently plays in the Nemzeti Bajnokság I. The team won promotion to the top division in 2007 and achieved their best ever result in 2009 by finishing fifth. In the 2009–2010 Hungarian Cup campaign the club finished third, but as the two finalists, MKB Veszprém KC and Pick Szeged already secured their places in the EHF Champions League, BKSE got the right to represent Hungary in the EHF Cup Winners' Cup next season.

Balatonfuredi KSE is a professional handball team based in Hungary. The team is known for its strong presence in the Hungarian handball league and has a dedicated fan base. The players of Balatonfuredi KSE are skilled and talented athletes who are known for their teamwork, determination, and competitive spirit on the court.

The team is named after the town of Balatonfured, located on the shores of Lake Balaton in Hungary. The team's colors are typically blue and white, representing the colors of the town and the lake.

Balatonfuredi KSE has a rich history in Hungarian handball and has achieved success in various domestic and international competitions. The team's home games are played at a local sports arena, where fans gather to cheer on their favorite players and show their support for the team.

Overall, Balatonfuredi KSE is a respected and competitive handball team in Hungary, known for their skill, passion, and dedication to the sport.