Argentina LHC Plata Clausura 11/26 23:15 - Club Vinculo Ganadero v Mariano Acosta W 37-45
Argentina LHC Plata Clausura 11/20 19:45 - Mariano Acosta v CID Mariano Moreno W 31-28
Argentina LHC Plata Clausura 11/12 21:00 - Juventud Unida v Mariano Acosta - View
Argentina LHC Plata Clausura 10/16 20:00 - SAG Lomas De Zamora B v Mariano Acosta L 27-24
Argentina LHC Plata Clausura 10/08 19:45 - Mariano Acosta v Bartolome Mitre L 17-31
Argentina LHC Plata Clausura 10/01 21:00 - Hurlingham v Mariano Acosta L 28-25
Argentina LHC Plata Clausura 09/17 21:30 - Comunicaciones v Mariano Acosta L 35-33
Argentina LHC Plata Clausura 09/02 00:45 - CA Lanus v Mariano Acosta D 0-0
Argentina LHC Plata Clausura 08/27 19:45 - Mariano Acosta v San Fernando Handball B L 29-30
Argentina LHC Plata Clausura 08/20 19:30 - SAG Villa Ballester B v Mariano Acosta D 19-19
Argentina LHC Plata Apertura 07/09 19:45 - Mariano Acosta v Club Vinculo Ganadero W 38-37
Argentina LHC Plata Apertura 07/02 21:00 - CID Mariano Moreno v Mariano Acosta W 27-28
Mariano Acosta is a handball team that hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina. The team is known for its strong and aggressive playing style, which has earned them a reputation as one of the most formidable teams in the country. Mariano Acosta is made up of a group of highly skilled and dedicated players who are passionate about the sport and committed to achieving success on the court.

The team has a long and proud history, having been founded in 1940. Over the years, Mariano Acosta has won numerous titles and championships, both at the regional and national level. The team's success is due in large part to their exceptional teamwork and communication, as well as their ability to adapt to different playing styles and strategies.

Mariano Acosta is known for its strong defense, which is anchored by a solid goalkeeper and a group of tenacious defenders. The team's offense is equally impressive, with skilled playmakers and sharpshooters who are capable of scoring from anywhere on the court. Mariano Acosta is also known for its physicality, with players who are not afraid to get in the face of their opponents and fight for every point.

Overall, Mariano Acosta is a team that embodies the spirit of handball, with a fierce determination to win and a deep love for the game. Whether they are playing in front of a packed stadium or on a dusty court in a small town, the players of Mariano Acosta always give their all and leave everything on the court.