Al Salibikhaet

Leagues Played
Kuwait League 69 Kuwait Fed Cup 6


Kuwait League 05/27 15:30 - Al Salibikhaet v Khaitan W 35-34
Kuwait League 05/23 15:30 - Al Tadamon (Kuwait) v Al Salibikhaet W 22-55
Kuwait League 05/15 15:30 - Al Qadsia (Kuwait) v Al Salibikhaet L 29-27
Kuwait League 04/07 19:00 - Al Sahel v Al Salibikhaet W 23-32
Kuwait League 04/05 17:30 - Yarmouk (Kuwait) v Al Salibikhaet W 24-36
Kuwait League 04/02 19:00 - Al Salibikhaet v Yarmouk (Kuwait) D 0-0
Kuwait League 03/31 18:00 - Kazma v Al Salibikhaet L 27-24
Kuwait League 03/27 17:30 - Kazma v Al Salibikhaet - View
Kuwait League 03/24 19:00 - Al Salmiyah v Al Salibikhaet L 34-33
Kuwait League 03/03 15:00 - Al Salibikhaet v Al Tadamon (Kuwait) W 38-19
Kuwait League 02/10 15:00 - Al Salibikhaet v Al Nasar D 35-35
Kuwait Fed Cup 05/03 16:00 - Al Qadsia (Kuwait) v Al Salibikhaet L 32-27
Al Salibikhaet is a professional handball team based in Kuwait. The team was founded in 1965 and has since become one of the most successful handball clubs in the country. Known for their strong defense and skilled offense, Al Salibikhaet has won numerous national championships and has also competed in international tournaments.

The team is made up of talented players from Kuwait and other countries, who bring a diverse range of skills and experience to the court. With a dedicated coaching staff and a loyal fan base, Al Salibikhaet is a force to be reckoned with in the world of handball.

Off the court, the team is involved in various community initiatives and charity events, demonstrating their commitment to giving back to the people of Kuwait. Al Salibikhaet is not just a sports team, but a symbol of pride and unity for the country.