European Olympic Qualification 05/18 11:50 - Daniel Habesohn v Paul Drinkhall L 3-4
European Olympic Qualification 05/17 11:30 - Eduard Ionescu v Daniel Habesohn L 4-1
European Olympic Qualification 05/16 10:00 - Daniel Habesohn v Arturs Reinholds W 4-1
European Olympic Qualification 05/15 15:00 - Daniel Habesohn v Juan Perez W 4-3
European Olympic Qualification 05/15 07:30 - Daniel Habesohn v Tamas Lakatos W 4-0
WTT Saudi Smash 05/04 11:10 6 Jingkun Liang v Daniel Habesohn L 3-0
WTT Feeder Havirov 04/16 11:30 4 Gyuhyeon Park v Daniel Habesohn L 3-2
WTT Feeder Havirov 04/15 16:10 5 Matteo Mutti v Daniel Habesohn W 0-3
WTT Feeder Varazdin 04/05 12:05 5 Daniel Habesohn v Izaac Quek L 1-3
WTT Feeder Varazdin 04/04 10:00 6 Daniel Habesohn v Bence Majoros W 3-1
Singapore Smash 03/13 07:20 5 Daniel Habesohn v Kristian Karlsson L 1-3
Singapore Smash 03/10 11:35 6 Yew En Koen Pang v Daniel Habesohn W 0-3

Wikipedia - Daniel Habesohn

Daniel Habesohn (born 22 July 1986) is an Austrian table tennis player. He competed at the 2016 Summer Olympics and the 2020 Summer Olympics. Habesohn competed in the 2017 World Table Tennis Championships, upsetting Japanese player and number 15 seed Kenta Matsudaira but he then went on to lose to number 33 seed Lin Gaoyuan. He teamed with Robert Gardos in the men's doubles event, losing in the first round in a close match with the Belarusian duo of Vladimir Samsonov and Pavel Platonov.

In the 2016 Summer Olympics, he competed as part of the Austrian team in the men's team event. Later, in the 2020 Summer Olympics, he participated in the men's singles event where he received a bye in the first round, defeated Clarence Chew in the second round, but eventually lost to Marcos Freitas in the third round.