Greece Super League 1 05/19 17:00 10 AEK Athens vs Lamia - View


Greece Super League 1 05/15 15:00 9 [6] Lamia v Aris Salonika [5] L 2-4
Greece Super League 1 05/12 17:00 10 AEK Athens v Lamia - PPT.
Greece Super League 1 05/08 16:00 9 Lamia v Aris Salonika - PPT.
Greece Super League 1 05/01 16:00 9 Lamia v Aris Salonika - PPT.
Greece Super League 1 04/28 14:00 8 [4] Olympiakos v Lamia [6] L 4-1
Greece Super League 1 04/24 14:00 7 [6] Lamia v PAOK Salonika [3] D 1-1
Greece Super League 1 04/21 14:00 6 [6] Lamia v Panathinaikos [2] L 0-5
Greece Super League 1 04/14 14:00 5 [3] Panathinaikos v Lamia [6] L 3-1
Greece Super League 1 04/07 14:00 4 [6] Lamia v Olympiakos [4] L 1-5
Greece Super League 1 04/03 16:30 3 [2] PAOK Salonika v Lamia [6] L 3-1
Greece Super League 1 03/31 17:30 2 [5] Aris Salonika v Lamia [6] L 3-1
Europe Friendlies 03/23 15:00 - Atromitos Athinon v Lamia D 2-2


Matches played 40 20 20
Wins 9 6 3
Draws 10 4 6
Losses 21 10 11
Goals for 48 25 23
Goals against 86 42 44
Clean sheets 4 3 1
Failed to score 10 5 5

Wikipedia - PAS Lamia 1964

Lamia Football Club (Greek: Π.Α.Ε. Π.Α.Σ. Λαμία 1964) is a Greek professional football club based in Lamia, Greece. It was founded in 1964. The club plays in the Super League, the first tier of Greek football. It plays its home matches at the Lamia Municipal Stadium.


Foundation and early years

On 1 June 1964, when the representatives of the clubs of Fthiotida decided to "carve out" a common course, A.S. Lamia was established. In order to reach the final decision, it took a long time and endless hours of negotiations. The "Queen of Fthiotida", as it is called, comes from the merger of Lamiakos and Palamiaki.

In 1961 Hellenic Football Federation decided that from the next season (1962–63) the 2nd National Division, at which Olympiacos Lamia would compete at that time, would consist of 60 teams divided into four groups and the champion from each group would also take the rally for the First National. As a result, at the end of the 1961–62 championship in a general assembly held by the members of Olympiacos Lamia (17 June 1962), they decided to propose to Palamiaki their merger and the creation of a new club and while initially the answer to the "yellow-black" was affirmative, their suggestion that the new group be called Palamiaky was not accepted and so "marriage ended in divorce".

The sinking of the negotiations with Palamiaki led to the new general assembly the members of Olympiacos (24 July 1962), where it was decided to merge the "redcurrants" with the Pamfthiotikos, named Lamiakos, who represented the prefecture in B National in the period 1963–64, but in the same year, the ticket for the category took and Palamiaiki as the champion of the National Team, with the result that Lamia was represented by two clubs in the category. This was also the time to create an association that would come from the union of the largest groups in the city.

On 25 May 1964, at the initiative of the then mayor of Lamia and the football players of the prefecture, a general meeting was held, which did not have the expected result, as it initially resulted in the creation of two new clubs of the AS. Lamia and the AS Thermopylae, however, a week later, on 1 June 1964, it was decided that the latter merged with AS. Ghoul.

Major paths

Although the "Cyan-Whites" had reached six times near the First National, they had not managed to rise to the first category (until 2017). Nevertheless, their course over the years, combined with the remarkable appearances against the great forces of Greek football in the institution of the cup (2–1 and 1–0 with AEK and with Panathinaikos in the defeat of 1–5, but with the hosts leading to the 15th with Rizopoulos' head and accepting four goals after the first ten minutes of the extension), they have made PAS Lamia 1964 particularly popular in the prefecture of Fthiotida.

Recent years

PAS Lamia came close to rising in the 2nd National Championship after many years in 2006–07, but eventually finished fourth. During the 2007–08 season and while there were administrative changes, the international player of AEK and Olympiacos, Daniel Batista, was recruited as a coach, but again he did not manage to distinguish himself, winning 13th place with difficulty, ensuring the stay in category 3, bringing 40 points, just 7 over the relegation zone. The following year (2008–09) they were downgraded to D National Division.

In the summer of 2012, Lamia merged with Agrotis Lianokladi, who at that time were in D Ethniki, replacing them in the category, renamed PAS Lamia 1964. In the period 2012–13 they finished first in the 4th group in the regional championship, leaving A.O. Karditsa 5 points behind. At the same time they also won the Cup of Fthiotida, defeating Achilles Domokos with 3–1 in the final.

The following year (2013–14) they finished first in their group at the Gamma Ethniki, ensuring the rise for the second division (Football League) in 2014–15. During the 2014–15 season they competed in the 2nd League of the Football League, where they gained the fourth position. The following year (2015–16) they were ranked fifth in the same championship.

Promotion to the Super League

In the 2016–17 season, PAS Lamia won the promotion to the Super League (2017–18) for the first time in their history in Greek football.

Lamia is a professional soccer team based in Lamia, Greece. The team was founded in 1964 and currently competes in the Greek Super League, the top tier of Greek football. The team's colors are blue and white, and they play their home matches at the Lamia Municipal Stadium.

Lamia has a passionate fan base and a rich history in Greek football. The team has had success in both domestic and international competitions, and has produced talented players who have gone on to represent the Greek national team.

Known for their attacking style of play and strong team spirit, Lamia is a formidable opponent for any team in the Greek Super League. With a dedicated coaching staff and talented roster of players, Lamia continues to strive for success and compete at the highest level of Greek football.