Philippines NCRAA 05/26 03:30 - Olivarez College Sea Lions v ICC Blue Hawks L 70-79
Philippines NCRAA 05/22 02:30 - Olivarez Sea Lions v PMMS Mariners W 19-16
Philippines NCRAA 04/27 05:30 - PATTS Seahorses v Olivarez Sea Lions W 67-81
Philippines UCBL 11/11 04:00 - Olivarez Sea Lions v Diliman Blue Dragons L 59-70
Philippines UCBL 11/07 06:00 - Diliman Blue Dragons v Olivarez Sea Lions W 62-64
Philippines UCBL 10/21 08:00 - NCBA Wildcats v Olivarez Sea Lions W 78-139
Philippines UCBL 10/17 08:00 - OC Sea Lions v PCU-D Dolphins W 78-54
Philippines UCBL 10/10 08:00 - UB Brahmans v Olivarez Sea Lions W 65-80
Philippines UCBL 10/03 06:00 - OC Sea Lions v TIP Engineers W 81-72
Philippines UCBL 09/30 08:00 - OC Sea Lions v NCBA Wildcats W 116-68
Philippines UCBL 09/26 08:00 - UB Brahmans v Olivarez Sea Lions W 78-84
Philippines UCBL 09/23 08:00 - Olivarez Sea Lions v PCU-D Dolphins W 85-77
The Olivarez College Sea Lions is a basketball team that represents Olivarez College, a private educational institution located in Parañaque City, Philippines. The team is composed of talented and skilled players who are passionate about the sport and dedicated to achieving success on the court.

The Sea Lions are known for their fast-paced and aggressive style of play, which is characterized by their quick transitions, sharp passes, and accurate shooting. They are also recognized for their strong defense, which is anchored by their tenacious rebounding and shot-blocking abilities.

The team is led by their head coach, who is known for his strategic and innovative coaching style. Under his guidance, the Sea Lions have consistently performed well in various basketball tournaments and competitions, both locally and internationally.

The Olivarez College Sea Lions are a formidable force in the world of basketball, and they continue to inspire and motivate aspiring athletes to pursue their dreams and strive for excellence in the sport.