Arizona Women

Arizona Women

Leagues Played
WNCAAB 213 WNCAAB Extra Games 5
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WNCAAB 12/18 00:00 - Arizona State Women vs Arizona Women - View
WNCAAB 12/20 21:30 - Arizona Women vs Gonzaga Women - View
WNCAAB 12/31 21:00 - Arizona Women vs Seattle Women - View
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WNCAAB 12/08 01:30 - [266] UC San Diego Women v Arizona Women [86] W 38-81
WNCAAB 12/03 01:00 - [57] Arizona Women v UNLV Women [12] L 53-72
WNCAAB 11/20 19:30 - [138] South Dakota Women v Arizona Women [11] W 52-61
WNCAAB 11/19 17:00 - Arizona Women v Ole Miss Women L 47-56
WNCAAB 11/18 19:30 - [240] Memphis Women v Arizona Women [15] W 67-90
WNCAAB 11/15 01:30 - [41] San Diego Women v Arizona Women [23] W 66-79
WNCAAB 11/12 21:00 - [268] Loyola Marymount Women v Arizona Women [71] W 54-70
WNCAAB 11/11 01:30 - [305] Northern Arizona Women v Arizona Women [143] W 64-87
WNCAAB 11/07 01:00 - [47] Arizona Women v New Mexico State Women [47] W 68-57
WNCAAB 03/19 21:30 124 Arizona Women v Maryland Women L 64-77
WNCAAB 03/17 16:00 122 West Virginia Women v Arizona Women W 62-75
WNCAAB 03/02 20:00 3 [46] UCLA Women v Arizona Women [55] L 73-59

The Arizona Wildcats women's basketball program is the official women's basketball program at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. Basketball is one of eleven women's sports at the University of Arizona. The team is a Division I member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the Pac-12 athletic conference. The team's home venue is the McKale Center, which seats 14,545 fans. The official team colors are cardinal red and navy blue. The Wildcats have qualified for eight NCAA Tournaments. On August 4, 2023, Arizona announced it would join the Big 12 Conference along with Arizona State, Colorado, and Utah beginning in the 2024-25 academic year.

For most of its history, the women’s basketball program has been playing in the shadow of its men’s counterpart, leading to many losing seasons. However, in recent years, the women’s team has been improving their success in winning, mostly due to coaching regime and talent, and captured the Women’s National Invitational Tournament (WNIT) championship in 2019. They made the Final Four for the first time in 2021 and defeated UConn to qualify for the National Championship game. They would lose to Stanford in the National Championship.

The Arizona Women's basketball team is a highly competitive and talented group of female athletes who represent the University of Arizona in NCAA Division I basketball. The team is known for their strong work ethic, exceptional teamwork, and impressive skills on the court. Led by their experienced coaching staff, the Arizona Women's basketball team has consistently performed at a high level, earning numerous accolades and championships over the years. With a roster of skilled players who are dedicated to their craft, the team is a force to be reckoned with in the world of women's college basketball. Whether they are playing at home or on the road, the Arizona Women's basketball team always brings their A-game and strives to achieve greatness with every game they play.