WNCAAB Extra Games 12/07 00:00 - Purdue Women vs SE Missouri State Women - View
WNCAAB Extra Games 12/10 19:00 - Minnesota Women vs Purdue Women - View
WNCAAB 12/17 17:00 - Notre Dame Women vs Purdue Women - View
WNCAAB 12/20 16:00 - Purdue Women vs Indiana State Women - View
WNCAAB Extra Games 12/30 23:00 - Purdue Women vs Wisconsin Women - View
WNCAAB 01/03 00:00 - Purdue Women vs Rutgers Women - View


WNCAAB 12/03 19:00 - [332] Valparaiso Women v Purdue Women [165] W 56-83
WNCAAB 12/02 00:00 - [199] Purdue Women v Dayton Women [165] W 67-59
WNCAAB 11/26 19:00 - Southern Indiana Women v Purdue Women W 57-95
WNCAAB 11/22 21:00 - Georgia College Women v Purdue Women L 65-57
WNCAAB 11/20 21:00 - [91] Florida Women v Purdue Women [144] L 52-49
WNCAAB 11/17 00:00 - [89] Texas A&M Women v Purdue Women [226] W 58-72
WNCAAB 11/12 21:00 - Southern Women v Purdue Women W 50-67
WNCAAB 11/07 01:30 - [58] Purdue Women v UCLA Women [58] L 49-92
WNCAAB 03/16 23:00 398 St. John's Women v Purdue Women L 66-64
WNCAAB 03/03 23:30 3 [102] Purdue Women v Iowa Women [29] L 58-69
WNCAAB 03/02 23:30 124 [274] Wisconsin Women v Purdue Women [101] W 55-57
WNCAAB 02/26 20:00 - [87] Purdue Women v Minnesota Women [274] L 69-77

The Purdue Boilermakers women's basketball team is a college basketball program that competes in NCAA Division I and the Big Ten Conference. Purdue is rich in tradition and history, holding the record for Big Ten Championships, along with annually ranking in the top 10 nationally in home attendance. The Boilermakers have appeared in the NCAA Final Four three times, and won the NCAA National Championship in 1999. The Boilermakers share a classic rivalry with the Indiana Hoosiers, of which Purdue owns a 52–27 series lead.


In 1975, women's basketball became an intercollegiate sport at Purdue University. In 1982, the sport was elevated to revenue status, which meant more money was available. Under Coach Lin Dunn, Purdue qualified for its first NCAA Tournament game in 1989. Ten years later, Purdue won its first national championship by beating Duke University in the title game. Sharon Versyp, a former Purdue standout, was introduced as the head coach at the start of the 2006 season.

The Purdue Women's basketball team is a highly competitive and skilled group of female athletes who represent Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. The team is known for their strong work ethic, teamwork, and dedication to the sport of basketball. They are coached by Sharon Versyp, who has led the team to numerous victories and championships over the years.

The Purdue Women's basketball team is made up of talented players who come from all over the country to play for the Boilermakers. They are known for their aggressive defense, fast-paced offense, and ability to work together as a cohesive unit. The team is led by senior captains who provide leadership both on and off the court.

The team plays their home games at Mackey Arena, which is known for its electric atmosphere and enthusiastic fans. The arena can hold up to 14,240 spectators, and it is always packed with fans who come to cheer on the Boilermakers.

Overall, the Purdue Women's basketball team is a force to be reckoned with in the world of college basketball. They are a talented and dedicated group of athletes who are committed to excellence both on and off the court.