Saudi Arabia Pro League 02/12 13:00 - Deba v Al Taween L 89-79
Saudi Arabia Pro League 02/02 13:00 - Al Taween v Uhud L 40-42
Saudi Arabia Pro League 01/26 16:00 - Al Wehda v Al Taween L 100-83
Saudi Arabia Pro League 01/22 14:00 - Al Ahli Saudi Arabia v Al Taween L 117-54
Saudi Arabia Pro League 01/19 13:00 - Al Taween v Al Ittihad Saudi Arabia L 87-96
Saudi Arabia Pro League 01/12 13:00 - Al Nasr Saudi Arabia v Al Taween L 89-70
Saudi Arabia Pro League 01/05 13:00 - Al Taween v Al Hilal Saudi Arabia L 84-114
Saudi Arabia Pro League 12/29 16:30 - Al Fateh v Al Taween L 97-62
Saudi Arabia Pro League 12/22 13:30 - Al Taween v Al Salam L 20-36
Saudi Arabia Pro League 12/15 15:00 - Al Safa v Al Taween L 88-61
Saudi Arabia Pro League 11/17 13:30 - Al Taween v Al Khaleej L 36-49
Saudi Arabia Pro League 11/06 13:30 - Al Taween v Al Wehda Saudi Arabia L 52-101
Al Taween is a professional basketball team based in the United Arab Emirates. The team was founded in 2009 and has since become one of the most successful basketball teams in the country. Al Taween is known for its strong defense and fast-paced offense, which has helped them win numerous championships and tournaments over the years.

The team is made up of talented players from around the world, including the United States, Europe, and Asia. They are led by a skilled coaching staff that emphasizes teamwork, discipline, and hard work. Al Taween's home court is the Al Shaab Sports Club in Sharjah, where they regularly play in front of enthusiastic fans.

Al Taween is a team that is always striving for excellence, both on and off the court. They are committed to developing young talent and giving back to the community through various charitable initiatives. With their winning mentality and dedication to the sport, Al Taween is a team that is sure to continue making waves in the world of basketball.