Argentina Primera D Metropolitana 11/25 20:00 22 [8] CA Lugano v El Porvenir [3] W 0-1
Argentina Primera D Metropolitana 11/20 20:00 21 [3] El Porvenir v Sportivo Barracas [5] W 1-0
Argentina Primera D Metropolitana 11/13 18:30 20 [8] Central Ballester v El Porvenir [4] W 0-3
Argentina Primera D Metropolitana 11/06 18:30 19 [4] El Porvenir v Club Mercedes [6] D 0-0
Argentina Primera D Metropolitana 10/28 18:30 18 [1] Argentino de Rosario v El Porvenir [4] D 2-2
Argentina Primera D Metropolitana 10/14 18:30 17 [4] El Porvenir v Juventud Unida San Miguel [10] D 1-1
Argentina Primera D Metropolitana 10/08 18:30 16 [8] Deportivo Paraguayo v El Porvenir [4] D 0-0
Argentina Primera D Metropolitana 10/01 14:00 15 [5] El Porvenir v Centro Espanyol [2] W 4-3
Argentina Primera D Metropolitana 09/15 18:30 13 [4] Defensores de Cambaceres v El Porvenir [5] D 2-2
Argentina Primera D Metropolitana 09/09 18:30 12 [5] El Porvenir v Deportivo Muniz [9] L 0-1
Argentina Primera D Metropolitana 08/21 18:30 11 [6] El Porvenir v CA Lugano [5] W 3-1
Argentina Primera D Metropolitana 08/06 18:30 10 [3] Sportivo Barracas v El Porvenir [6] L 2-1


Matches played 30 15 15
Wins 15 10 5
Draws 8 3 5
Losses 7 2 5
Goals for 37 23 14
Goals against 23 11 12
Clean sheets 14 7 7
Failed to score 9 3 6

Wikipedia - Club El Porvenir

Club El Porvenir is an Argentine football club, located in the Gerli district of Lanús Partido in Greater Buenos Aires. The team currently plays in Primera C, the regionalised fourth division of the Argentine football league system.


The team that won the Primera B title in 1927, promoting to Primera

The club was established on 12 September 1915 in Villa Porvenir, Avellaneda Partido, primarily as a Greco-Roman wrestling club. The football team debuted in official tournaments in 1918, playing its home games at the Club "Sígame Si Puede" ("Follow me if You can", in Spanish, current Sportivo Dock Sud).

In 1919 El Porvenir acquired the field where its first stadium would be built, winning the title that allowed the squad to promote to the "intermedia" (second) division, current Primera B, one year later, therefore promoting to the Primera División, the top division of Argentine league system. After its first season in Primera División, El Porvenir finished 5° in the 1921 championship.

The team of 1943

Nevertheless, after the 15° fixture of the 1926 season, El Porvenir lost affiliation to the body, along with All Boys, Colegiales, Nueva Chicago, Temperley and Sportivo Barracas. One year later, El Porvenir won the Primera B title and returned to Primera. When football became professional in Argentina in 1931, El Porvenir remained in the official amateur association, making its best performance in 1934 when the squad finished 5° of 23 teams. However, El Porvenir would be relegated again when both associations, the amateur and dissident Liga Argentina de Football merged to form a unique body.

El Porvenir won another title, the Primera C championship, in 1954. The squad achieved another title in 1997–98 when winning the Primera B Metropolitana championship, therefore promoting to Primera B Nacional, the second division of Argentine football.

El Porvenir is a professional soccer team based in the city of Gerli, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The team was founded in 1915 and has a rich history in Argentine soccer. El Porvenir has played in various divisions of Argentine soccer, including the Primera División, the top tier of Argentine soccer.

The team's colors are blue and white, and they play their home matches at the Estadio Gildo Francisco Ghersinich, which has a capacity of 12,000 spectators. El Porvenir has a strong fan base and is known for its passionate supporters who create a lively atmosphere at their home matches.

Over the years, El Porvenir has produced many talented players who have gone on to play for top clubs in Argentina and around the world. The team has also won several titles, including the Primera B Metropolitana championship in 1986.

El Porvenir is currently playing in the Primera C Metropolitana, the fourth tier of Argentine soccer. The team is known for its attacking style of play and has a talented squad of players who are capable of competing at a high level. With a rich history and passionate fan base, El Porvenir is a team that is sure to excite soccer fans around the world.