Iran Super League 03/03 12:30 20 Limondis vs Averta Sari - View
Iran Super League 03/07 12:30 21 Averta Sari vs Shahrdari Gorgan - View
Iran Super League 03/11 12:30 22 Mes Kerman vs Averta Sari - View


Iran Super League 02/12 12:30 19 [8] Averta Sari v Tabiat [4] L 86-94
Iran Super League 02/04 12:30 18 Zobahan Esfahan v Averta Sari L 90-71
Iran Super League 01/31 12:30 17 Foolad Hormozgan v Averta Sari L 85-83
Iran Super League 01/23 12:30 16 Averta Sari v Sanat Mes Rafsanjan - PPT.
Iran Super League 01/18 12:30 15 [12] Raad Padafand Mashhad v Averta Sari [7] W 64-93
Iran Super League 01/14 12:30 14 [8] Averta Sari v Palayesh Naft Abadan [6] W 76-71
Iran Super League 01/09 12:30 13 [4] Mahram Tehran v Averta Sari [9] W 81-84
Iran Super League 01/02 12:30 12 [9] Averta Sari v Kouchin Amol [6] L 70-83
Iran Super League 12/29 12:30 10 Shahrdari Gorgan v Averta Sari L 87-73
Iran Super League 12/25 14:30 11 [9] Averta Sari v Mes Kerman [7] W 81-79
Iran Super League 12/21 12:30 10 Shahrdari Gorgan v Averta Sari - PPT.
Iran Super League 12/14 11:30 9 [9] Averta Sari v Limondis [8] W 99-97
Averta Sari is a basketball team that is known for their exceptional skills and teamwork on the court. They are a group of highly talented and dedicated players who are passionate about the game of basketball. The team is made up of players from different backgrounds and cultures, but they all share a common goal of winning games and achieving success.

Averta Sari is known for their fast-paced and aggressive style of play, which often catches their opponents off guard. They are a team that is always on the move, constantly looking for opportunities to score and create turnovers. Their defense is particularly strong, with players who are quick and agile, able to anticipate their opponents' moves and shut them down.

Off the court, Averta Sari is a close-knit group of friends who support each other both on and off the court. They are known for their positive attitude and sportsmanship, always showing respect to their opponents and the game itself. Their dedication to the sport and to each other is what sets them apart from other teams, and it is what makes them a force to be reckoned with on the basketball court.