Wuhan Kunpeng

Leagues Played
China NBL 34 Basketball Matches 2
Related Teams
Wuhan Kunpeng U19


China NBL 07/16 11:30 - Hong Kong Golden Bulls v Wuhan Kunpeng L 103-81
China NBL 07/10 11:30 - Wuhan Kunpeng v Guangxi Weizhuang W 93-80
China NBL 07/08 11:30 - Wuhan Kunpeng v Jiangxi Ganchi W 110-92
China NBL 07/05 11:30 - Wuhan Kunpeng v Jiangsu Yannan Suke W 107-99
China NBL 07/01 11:30 - Shijiazhuang Xianglan v Wuhan Kunpeng L 99-83
China NBL 06/28 11:30 - Wuhan Kunpeng v Anhui Wenyi - View
Basketball Matches 06/25 11:30 - Wuhan Kunpeng v Jiangxi Ganchi L 91-115
Basketball Matches 06/23 11:30 - Henan Shedianlaojiu v Wuhan Kunpeng L 107-80
China NBL 06/21 11:30 - Hong Kong Golden Bulls v Wuhan Kunpeng L 106-92
China NBL 08/27 11:30 - Wuhan Kunpeng v Hong Kong Golden Bulls L 99-101
China NBL 08/22 11:30 - Wuhan Kunpeng v Hunan Jinjian Miye L 111-117
China NBL 08/16 11:30 - Wuhan Kunpeng v Anhui Wenyi L 100-112
Wuhan Kunpeng is a professional basketball team based in Wuhan, China. The team competes in various domestic leagues and tournaments, showcasing their talent and skills on the court. Known for their fast-paced and aggressive style of play, Wuhan Kunpeng has gained a reputation for being a formidable opponent in the Chinese basketball scene.

The team is comprised of a diverse group of talented players, each bringing their own unique strengths and abilities to the court. With a strong emphasis on teamwork and strategy, Wuhan Kunpeng is known for their cohesive and coordinated gameplay, making them a force to be reckoned with in the league.

Off the court, Wuhan Kunpeng is also actively involved in community outreach and youth development programs, using basketball as a tool to inspire and empower the next generation of athletes. With a dedicated fan base and a commitment to excellence, Wuhan Kunpeng continues to make a mark in the world of Chinese basketball.