Turkey BSL 05/17 15:00 3 [8] Turk Telekom v Anadolu Efes [2] L 78-86
Turkey BSL 05/15 15:00 3 [2] Anadolu Efes v Turk Telekom [8] L 99-79
Turkey BSL 05/05 16:30 30 [10] Turk Telekom v Darussafaka [14] W 90-71
Turkey BSL 04/28 15:00 29 [8] Turk Telekom v Besiktas [4] L 83-89
Turkey BSL 04/21 17:30 28 [1] Anadolu Efes v Turk Telekom [12] W 81-82
Turkey BSL 04/15 17:30 27 [12] Turk Telekom v Fenerbahce [2] W 95-91
Turkey BSL 04/07 12:30 26 [8] Petkim Spor v Turk Telekom [10] L 96-94
Turkey BSL 03/30 10:00 25 [10] Turk Telekom v Manisa [7] L 79-83
Turkey BSL 03/23 12:30 24 [15] Merkezefendi Denizli v Turk Telekom [8] L 95-81
Turkey BSL 03/16 12:30 23 [9] Turk Telekom v Tofas [10] W 87-83
Turkey BSL 03/09 10:00 22 [16] Samsunspor v Turk Telekom [9] W 55-75
Euro Cup 03/06 18:00 4 [3] London Lions v Turk Telekom [6] L 100-77

Wikipedia - Türk Telekom B.K.

Türk Telekom Basketbol Kulübü (English: Turk Telekom Basketball Club) is a professional basketball team that is based in Ankara, Turkey. The team is currently playing in the Turkish Basketball Super League. It is a branch of the Türk Telekom GSK sports club. Their home arena is the Ankara Arena. The arena, which has a capacity of 10,400 seats, opened in April 2010.


Türk Telekom logo used till 2016

The club was founded in 1954 and opened its basketball section as name of PTT in 1991. Thereafter, the team received name of Türk Telekom PTT in 1996. Recently, the team is continuing with the name of Türk Telekom.

Türk Telekom has won the Turkish Cup title after beating Oyak Renault in 2008. Also, the team won the Turkish President's Cup title after beating Fenerbahçe Ülker that year.

Türk Telekom also has a reserve team as name of Genç Telekom. They compete in the Turkish Basketball Second League.

In September 2011, first Turkish NBA All-Star player Mehmet Okur of the Utah Jazz announced he would play for Türk Telekom, due to the 2011 NBA lockout.

In 2016, Türk Telekom relegated from the BSL after finishing 15th in the regular season. In 2018, the team returned as it promoted from the Turkish First League. In its first season back, the club would also play in the EuroCup, as the club returns to Europe after 6 years.

Turk Telekom is a professional basketball team based in Ankara, Turkey. The team competes in the Turkish Basketball Super League, which is the top tier of basketball in Turkey. Turk Telekom has a rich history in Turkish basketball, with a strong fan base and a reputation for producing talented players.

The team is known for its competitive spirit and strong work ethic on the court. Turk Telekom has a tradition of playing fast-paced, high-energy basketball, with a focus on teamwork and skillful play. The team has a strong roster of talented players, both domestic and international, who bring a diverse range of skills and experience to the court.

Turk Telekom has a dedicated coaching staff that is committed to developing the team's players and helping them reach their full potential. The team's home games are played at the Ankara Arena, where fans come out in full force to support their team.

Overall, Turk Telekom is a respected and competitive team in the Turkish Basketball Super League, with a strong tradition of success and a bright future ahead.