Leagues Played
Iran Super League 22


Iran Super League 03/03 12:30 20 Zobahan Esfahan vs Tabiat - View
Iran Super League 03/07 12:30 21 Tabiat vs Limondis - View
Iran Super League 03/11 12:30 22 Shahrdari Gorgan vs Tabiat - View


Iran Super League 02/12 12:30 19 [8] Averta Sari v Tabiat [4] W 86-94
Iran Super League 02/06 12:30 18 [5] Tabiat v Foolad Hormozgan [11] W 82-77
Iran Super League 01/28 11:30 17 [9] Sanat Mes Rafsanjan v Tabiat [4] W 60-72
Iran Super League 01/23 12:30 16 [5] Tabiat v Raad Padafand Mashhad [12] W 94-55
Iran Super League 01/18 12:30 15 [6] Palayesh Naft Abadan v Tabiat [3] L 80-77
Iran Super League 01/14 12:30 14 [4] Tabiat v Mahram Tehran [3] W 79-76
Iran Super League 01/07 12:30 13 [4] Kalleh Mazandaran v Tabiat [6] W 77-100
Iran Super League 01/02 13:30 12 [5] Tabiat v Mes Kerman [7] L 75-76
Iran Super League 12/26 12:30 11 [6] Tabiat v Shahrdary Gorgan [3] L 72-94
Iran Super League 12/21 12:30 10 Limondis v Tabiat W 71-74
Iran Super League 12/15 12:30 9 [4] Tabiat v Zob Ahan [2] L 79-80
Iran Super League 12/07 12:30 8 [3] Tabiat v Averta Sari [8] L 68-74
Tabiat is a highly skilled and competitive basketball team that is known for their exceptional teamwork and dedication to the sport. Comprised of talented and passionate players, Tabiat consistently demonstrates their commitment to excellence both on and off the court.

The team's playing style is characterized by their fast-paced and dynamic approach. They excel in fast breaks, utilizing their speed and agility to outmaneuver their opponents. Tabiat's players possess exceptional ball-handling skills, allowing them to navigate through tight defenses and create scoring opportunities for themselves and their teammates.

One of the team's greatest strengths is their ability to work together seamlessly. Their chemistry and understanding of each other's playing styles enable them to execute intricate plays and make split-second decisions on the court. Tabiat's players have a strong sense of camaraderie and trust, which translates into their cohesive and efficient gameplay.

In addition to their on-court prowess, Tabiat is also known for their sportsmanship and professionalism. They exhibit a high level of respect for their opponents and officials, always conducting themselves with integrity and fair play. This positive attitude extends beyond the game, as the team actively engages in community service and outreach programs, using basketball as a platform to inspire and uplift others.

Tabiat's dedication to continuous improvement is evident in their rigorous training regimen. They constantly strive to enhance their skills and knowledge of the game, pushing themselves to new heights. This relentless pursuit of excellence has earned them a reputation as a formidable force in the basketball community.

Overall, Tabiat is a basketball team that embodies the true spirit of the sport. With their exceptional skills, teamwork, and commitment to sportsmanship, they are a force to be reckoned with on the court.