Al-Shamal U21

Leagues Played
Qatar U21 League 10 Qatar Cup 1


Qatar U21 League 05/15 15:45 - Al-Sadd SC U21 v Al-Shamal U21 W 2-4
Qatar U21 League 05/11 15:45 - Al-Shamal U21 v Al Duhail U21 W 3-1
Qatar U21 League 04/03 18:30 - Al-Wakrah SC U21 v Al-Shamal U21 W 1-3
Qatar U21 League 03/25 18:30 - Umm Salal U21 v Al-Shamal U21 W 0-2
Qatar Cup 03/04 13:45 3 [2] Al-Shamal U21 v Al-Rayyan SC U21 [4] L 1-2
Qatar U21 League 02/26 15:00 - Al-Shamal U21 v Al-Arabi Doha U21 L 0-2
Qatar U21 League 02/17 15:00 - Al-Shamal U21 v Al-Rayyan SC U21 L 0-3
Qatar U21 League 12/11 14:30 - Al-Shamal U21 v Al Gharafa U21 D 1-1
Qatar U21 League 11/27 14:30 - Qatar SC Doha U21 v Al-Shamal U21 L 2-0
Qatar U21 League 11/05 15:00 - Al-Ahli Doha U21 v Al-Shamal U21 W 0-4
Qatar U21 League 10/22 15:00 - Al Markhiya U21 v Al-Shamal U21 L 2-1


Matches played 11 5 6
Wins 5 1 4
Draws 1 1 0
Losses 5 3 2
Goals for 19 5 14
Goals against 16 9 7
Clean sheets 2 0 2
Failed to score 3 2 1
Al-Shamal U21 is a highly competitive and talented soccer team based in the city of Al-Shamal. Comprised of players under the age of 21, this team is known for its exceptional skills, determination, and passion for the game.

The team's playing style is characterized by their fast-paced and attacking approach, always looking to dominate possession and create scoring opportunities. Al-Shamal U21 players are technically gifted, showcasing their ability to control the ball with precision and execute intricate passing combinations.

The team's defensive line is solid and well-organized, with players displaying excellent positioning and tactical awareness. They work cohesively to protect their goal and prevent the opposition from scoring.

Al-Shamal U21's coaching staff is dedicated to nurturing young talent and developing their skills to their fullest potential. They focus on instilling discipline, teamwork, and a strong work ethic in their players, ensuring they are well-prepared for every match.

The team's home matches are held at the Al-Shamal Stadium, where passionate fans gather to support their young stars. The atmosphere is electric, with chants and cheers echoing throughout the stadium, motivating the players to give their best on the field.

Al-Shamal U21 has a rich history of success, consistently competing at the highest level and achieving remarkable results. They have won numerous regional and national championships, showcasing their dominance in youth soccer.

With a bright future ahead, Al-Shamal U21 continues to produce talented players who go on to represent the senior team and even national teams. Their commitment to excellence and their love for the game make them a force to be reckoned with in the world of youth soccer.