Ended Events

HTTP Request

GET https://api.betsapi.com/v2/events/ended

curl "https://api.betsapi.com/v2/events/ended?sport_id=1&token=YOUR-TOKEN"

NOTE it is /v2/ instead of /v1/

Query Parameters

Parameter Required? Description
sport_id Yes R-SportID
league_id No useful when you want only one league
team_id No useful when you want only one team
cc No Eg: 'co' for Colombia (R-Countries)
day No format YYYYMMDD, eg: 20180814 (min 20160901)
page No R-Pager, max 1000

HTTP Response




  • limit max page to 1000 due to SQL LIMIT performance (use day= for historical data)

2018-05-06 /v2/

  • ?day=TODAY will only get ended events instead of all

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