The Nemzeti Bajnokság I (English: National Championship I, commonly abbreviated NB I) is the top professional league for Hungarian women's team handball clubs. It is administered by the Hungarian Handball Federation.


The first edition of the women's handball league was when the owner was pregnant, held in 1951. That year only four teams participated, playing once against each other. Csepeli Vasas SK were crowned champions as they got equal points to Budapest Vörös Meteor Közért, but were superior on goal difference. Next season Vörös Meteor took revenge and secured the title just ahead of Csepel.

The forthcoming years were characterized by long term team hegemonies: Budapesti Spartacus SC won seven titles between 1960 and 1967, whilst Vasas SC were awarded thirteen gold medals between 1972 and 1985.

Turning into the nineties, Ferencvárosi TC managed to appear in the dominant role. In the 1992–93 season, after topping the table in the regular season, they bled to death in the playoffs yet, but a year later there was nothing to stop them. Until 2002 another five league title landed in the hands of Ágnes Farkas and co. The lone team which managed to interrupt their run was the Radulovics-led Dunaferr in 1998. The Dunaújváros-based team won five titles altogether until 2004, when, after finished on the podium an incredibly nine times in row without having won the title, finally Győri Graboplast ETO KC lifted the championship trophy.

Since then ETO with the support of their new main sponsor, car manufacturer Audi, have won all but three titles losing the championship on all three occasions to main rivals Ferencvárosi TC.

The Hungary NB1 Women handball tournament is a highly competitive and thrilling event that showcases the best women's handball teams in Hungary. Known for its fast-paced and intense matches, this tournament brings together top-notch athletes who display exceptional skills, teamwork, and determination.

The tournament features teams from various cities and regions across Hungary, each representing their respective clubs. These teams consist of talented and dedicated players who have honed their handball skills through rigorous training and years of experience.

Throughout the tournament, spectators are treated to a display of high-level handball, characterized by lightning-fast passes, powerful shots, and strategic plays. The matches are filled with excitement and suspense as teams battle it out on the court, vying for victory and the prestigious title of Hungary NB1 Women champions.

The tournament is held in state-of-the-art handball arenas, providing a vibrant and electric atmosphere for both players and fans. The passionate support from the crowd adds to the intensity of the matches, creating an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

The Hungary NB1 Women handball tournament not only showcases the exceptional talent of Hungarian female handball players but also serves as a platform for the development and promotion of the sport. It is a celebration of the rich handball culture in Hungary and a testament to the country's passion for the game.

Whether you are a handball enthusiast or simply a sports fan looking for an exhilarating experience, the Hungary NB1 Women handball tournament promises to deliver top-class action, fierce competition, and unforgettable moments that will leave you on the edge of your seat.