Date R Home vs Away -
06/20 12:29 8 Angers vs View
06/20 11:48 7 Angers vs View
06/20 11:13 6 Angers vs View
06/20 10:39 5 Angers vs View
06/20 10:06 4 Angers vs View
06/20 09:36 3 Angers vs View
06/20 09:07 2 Angers vs View
06/11 13:29 8 Angers vs View
06/11 12:53 7 Angers vs View
06/11 12:20 6 Angers vs View
06/11 11:30 5 Angers vs View
06/11 11:09 4 Angers vs View


The "Angers" horse racing tournament is an exhilarating and prestigious event that showcases the finest equine athletes and skilled jockeys from around the world. Held annually in the picturesque city of Angers, France, this tournament is a celebration of speed, agility, and the timeless bond between horse and rider.

The tournament takes place at the renowned Angers Racecourse, a state-of-the-art facility that offers a thrilling atmosphere for both participants and spectators. The track is meticulously maintained, providing a perfect surface for the horses to showcase their incredible athleticism and grace.

The tournament features a variety of races, each with its own unique challenges and distances. From sprints to endurance tests, the Angers tournament offers a diverse range of competitions that cater to different horse breeds and racing styles. Whether it's the heart-pounding excitement of a flat race or the strategic maneuvering of a steeplechase, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The tournament attracts top-notch horses and jockeys, creating a highly competitive environment where only the best can emerge victorious. Spectators can witness thrilling displays of speed and skill as these magnificent creatures thunder down the track, their hooves pounding the ground in perfect rhythm.

Beyond the races, the Angers tournament also offers a vibrant social scene. Attendees can enjoy a variety of entertainment options, including live music, delicious cuisine, and a bustling marketplace. The event provides a perfect opportunity for horse racing enthusiasts, families, and friends to come together and create lasting memories.

The "Angers" horse racing tournament is not just a sporting event; it is a celebration of the timeless bond between humans and horses. It is a chance to witness the power, grace, and beauty of these majestic animals as they compete for glory. Whether you are a seasoned racing fan or simply looking for an unforgettable experience, the Angers tournament promises an unforgettable day filled with excitement, elegance, and the thrill of the race.