DateRHome vs Away-
06/01 13:30 16 FC Gareji vs FC Rustavi View
06/01 13:30 16 Wit Georgia vs Shturmi View
06/01 15:00 16 Lokomotiv Tbilisi vs Kolkheti View
06/01 16:00 16 FC Spaeri vs FC Sioni Bolnisi View
06/02 13:30 16 Aragvi Dusheti vs Dinamo Tbilisi II View
07/31 13:00 17 Lokomotiv Tbilisi vs Aragvi Dusheti View
07/31 13:00 17 FC Sioni Bolnisi vs Wit Georgia View
07/31 13:00 17 Kolkheti vs FC Gareji View
07/31 13:00 17 FC Rustavi vs FC Spaeri View
07/31 16:00 17 Shturmi vs Dinamo Tbilisi II View
08/04 13:00 18 Aragvi Dusheti vs Shturmi View
08/04 13:00 18 FC Spaeri vs Kolkheti View


Date R Home vs Away -
05/28 16:00 15 [8] Shturmi vs FC Spaeri [6] 0-3
05/28 14:00 15 [3] Dinamo Tbilisi II vs Wit Georgia [7] 2-0
05/28 13:00 15 FC Sioni Bolnisi vs FC Gareji 2-0
05/28 13:00 15 [2] FC Rustavi vs Lokomotiv Tbilisi [9] 0-0
05/28 13:00 15 Kolkheti vs Aragvi Dusheti 2-1
05/24 16:00 14 [9] Lokomotiv Tbilisi vs Sioni Bolnisi [3] 2-4
05/24 15:00 14 [8] FC Spaeri vs Dinamo Tbilisi II [2] 2-1
05/24 13:00 14 [4] FC Gareji vs Shturmi [6] 4-1
05/24 13:00 14 Kolkheti vs FC Rustavi 2-0
05/24 13:00 14 [7] Aragvi Dusheti vs Wit Georgia [5] 6-2
05/19 16:00 13 [6] Shturmi vs Lokomotiv Tbilisi [9] 1-2
05/19 14:00 13 [2] Dinamo Tbilisi II vs FC Gareji [4] 1-1

Wikipedia - Erovnuli Liga 2

The Georgian Erovnuli Liga 2 (Georgian: ეროვნული ლიგა 2; lit.'National League 2'), organized since 1990 by the GFF, serves as the second division of professional football in Georgia.

The league was introduced for the 2017 season under the current name as a part of reorganization process of the entire league system. It was formerly known as Pirveli liga (the First league).

The Georgia First League is a highly anticipated soccer tournament held annually in the beautiful state of Georgia. This prestigious event brings together talented teams from across the region to compete in a thrilling display of skill, teamwork, and passion for the sport.

The tournament showcases the best of Georgia's soccer talent, featuring teams from various age groups and skill levels. From youth divisions to adult leagues, the Georgia First League offers a platform for players of all ages to showcase their abilities and compete against top-notch competition.

The tournament takes place in state-of-the-art soccer facilities, providing players and spectators with a comfortable and exciting atmosphere. The meticulously maintained fields offer the perfect backdrop for intense matches and unforgettable moments.

The Georgia First League is not just about the competition; it is also a celebration of the sport and a gathering of soccer enthusiasts. Families, friends, and fans come together to cheer on their favorite teams, creating an electric atmosphere filled with cheers, chants, and applause.

In addition to the thrilling matches, the Georgia First League also offers a range of activities and entertainment options for participants and spectators alike. From food vendors serving delicious local cuisine to live music performances, there is something for everyone to enjoy during the tournament.

The Georgia First League is more than just a soccer tournament; it is an opportunity for players to showcase their skills, for fans to witness incredible athleticism, and for the community to come together in support of the beautiful game. Whether you are a player, a fan, or simply someone who appreciates the excitement of soccer, the Georgia First League is an event not to be missed.