Poland Uni League 11/20 20:20 - SGH Warszawa v UKSW Warszawa W 3-0
Poland Uni League 02/27 20:20 - SGH Warszawa v Politechnika Warszawska W 3-2
Poland Uni League 12/05 20:20 - SGH Warszawa v ALK Warszawa L 0-3
Poland Uni League 11/21 20:20 - SGH Warszawa v Uniwersytet Warszawa L 1-3
Poland Uni Champs - 3 Sets 04/25 09:30 - SGH Warszawa v AWF Warszawa - View
Poland Uni League 04/11 15:30 - AZS ASzW v SGH Warszawa W 1-3
Poland Uni League 04/04 19:20 - SGH Warszawa v Uniwersytet Warszawa 2 W 3-1
Poland Uni League 03/31 15:30 - SGGW Warszawa v SGH Warszawa L 3-1
Poland Uni League 03/21 20:20 - SGH Warszawa v WUM Warszawa W 3-1
Poland Uni League 12/09 17:30 - Uniwersytet Warszawa 2 v SGH Warszawa W 0-3
Poland Uni League 11/29 20:20 - SGH Warszawa v SGGW Warszawa W 3-1
Poland Uni Champs - 3 Sets 05/09 08:15 - SGH Warszawa v Uniwersytet Lodzki L 0-2
SGH Warszawa is a competitive volleyball team based in the city of Warsaw, Poland. The team is composed of skilled and experienced players who are passionate about the sport and dedicated to achieving success on the court. SGH Warszawa is known for their strong teamwork, strategic play, and impressive athleticism. They have a reputation for being a tough opponent, and their opponents often have to work hard to keep up with their fast-paced and dynamic style of play. The team is committed to continuous improvement and is always looking for ways to enhance their skills and performance. With their talent, determination, and hard work, SGH Warszawa is a force to be reckoned with in the world of volleyball.