Greece 3rd Division 03/05 19:45 - AS Papagou v AK Zografou W 3-1
Greece 3rd Division 02/27 19:15 - Panellinios GS v AS Papagou L 3-2
Greece 3rd Division 02/06 19:45 - AS Papagou v GS Kerateas W 3-2
Greece 3rd Division 01/24 19:45 - AS Papagou v Sfam Fivos L 2-3
Greece 3rd Division 01/09 19:45 - AS Papagou v Athina Magkoufanas L 1-3
Greece 3rd Division 12/05 19:45 - AK Zografou v AS Papagou W 2-3
Greece 3rd Division 11/28 19:45 - AS Papagou v Panellinios GS L 1-3
Greece 3rd Division 11/28 19:45 - AS Papagou v Panellinios L 1-3
Greece 3rd Division 11/14 19:45 - AS Papagou v ASP Iones W 3-0
Greece 3rd Division 11/07 19:30 - GS Kerateas v AS Papagou L 3-1
Greece 3rd Div Cup 11/03 18:00 - Sfam Fivos v AS Papagou L 3-0
Greece 3rd Division 10/31 19:45 - AS Papagou v AE Ampelokipon L 2-3
AS Papagou is a volleyball team based in Athens, Greece. The team was founded in 1967 and has since become one of the most successful volleyball teams in the country. The team's colors are blue and white, and they play their home games at the Papagou Indoor Hall.

AS Papagou has a strong tradition of developing young talent and has produced many successful players who have gone on to play for the Greek national team. The team has won numerous titles over the years, including the Greek Volleyball League and the Greek Volleyball Cup.

The team is known for its fast-paced and aggressive style of play, with a focus on strong serving and attacking. The players are highly skilled and work well together as a team, with a strong sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship.

AS Papagou has a dedicated fan base who are known for their passionate support of the team. The team is a source of pride for the local community and is widely respected throughout Greece for their achievements on the court.