Germany Pro A 01/29 18:00 22 Phoenix Hagen vs Panthers Schwenningen - View
Germany Pro A 02/05 18:30 23 Itzehoe Eagles vs Phoenix Hagen - View
Germany Pro A 02/09 18:30 24 Phoenix Hagen vs Paderborn Baskets - View
Germany Pro A 02/12 18:00 25 Kirchheim Knights vs Phoenix Hagen - View
Germany Pro A 03/04 18:30 27 SC Vechta vs Phoenix Hagen - View
Germany Pro A 03/06 16:00 28 Phoenix Hagen vs Science City Jena - View


Germany Pro A 01/22 17:30 21 Nurnberg Falcons v Phoenix Hagen - PPT.
Germany Pro A 01/16 16:00 20 [10] Phoenix Hagen v Ehingen [17] W 111-79
Germany Pro A 01/14 18:30 19 [7] PS Karlsruhe v Phoenix Hagen [9] L 93-88
Germany Pro A 01/08 18:00 18 [10] Phoenix Hagen v Eisbären Bremerhaven [9] W 95-93
Germany Pro A 01/02 16:00 17 [17] Ehingen v Phoenix Hagen [11] W 90-101
Germany Pro A 12/26 16:00 16 [12] Phoenix Hagen v Artland [13] W 95-94
Germany Pro A 12/23 18:30 15 [13] Bochum v Phoenix Hagen [12] W 81-83
Germany Pro A 12/18 18:00 14 [12] Phoenix Hagen v Tubingen [3] L 81-87
Germany Pro A 12/11 18:30 13 Leverkusen v Phoenix Hagen W 92-99
Germany Pro A 12/04 18:00 12 [12] Phoenix Hagen v Nurnberg Falcons [11] L 71-75
Germany Pro A 11/13 18:00 10 [14] Phoenix Hagen v Itzehoe Eagles [15] W 88-80
Germany Pro A 11/07 15:30 9 Rostock Seawolves v Phoenix Hagen L 91-77

Wikipedia - Phoenix Hagen

Phoenix Hagen is a German professional basketball club that is based in Hagen, Germany.

After withdrawing from the Basketball Bundesliga in November 2016, Phoenix Hagen re-launched its basketball team for the 2017-18 ProA season. The ProA is Germany's second division of professional basketball.


The club was founded in May 2004 in the wake of the insolvency of former top club Brandt Hagen. Brandt Hagen was forced to cease club operation in the Basketball Bundesliga (BBL) immediately in December 2003. Phoenix Hagen is not the legal successor of Brandt Hagen, but an independent new club founded to continue the basketball tradition in Hagen. Phoenix Hagen was playing in the PRO A division of the German second basketball league until the 2008–09 season. The club rented the license for operating in this league from BG DEK/Fichte Hagen, and thus is that club's legal successor. In the 2008–09 season of the Pro A Phoenix Hagen secured the second place. This position qualified the team for promotion to BBL in the season 2009–10.

Starting with season 2008–09 a Phoenix Hagen women's team is playing in the second women's league DBBL. This team is run in collaboration with the sports club TSV Hagen 1860, from which all players originate.

Phoenix Hagen wants to promote young basketball talents to ensure high-performance sport for the long term. The young talents team Phoenix Hagen Juniors plays in the north-west division of the first league for Germany's up-and-coming players (NBBL). In the first season of existence of the NBBL (2007–08), the Phoenix juniors team became vice champions.

The club filed for insolvency in October 2016 due to financial difficulties and had its Bundesliga license revoked with immediate effect the following month. The club did not finish the 2016–17 season and was placed back to the ProA for the following season.